The suggestion was Brooklyn Hotel for Shanghai Nights. Half of us were like, nah, and the other half were like yeah. We were standing right outside World Square Pub debating this. Why? So we went inside World Square Pub for the Flow Fridays event.. here we go!

Flow Fridays @ World Square Pub
Assessment Time: 12:00AM – 12:15AM (lining up), 02:00AM – 03:00AM (what this particular review is based on)
Opening Hours: Unknown (probably 10:00PM) – 03:00AM
Lockout: No lockout
Address: Upper level of World Square pub, 680 George St Sydney (Old Equilibrium Hotel)
Occurence: Every Friday
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart Casual. Guys are usually dressed with collared shirts, though there are a small handful of tee-shirters. Girls are dessed in pretty dresses.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20 non-guestlist. $15 on guestlist before 11PM .
Guestlist: Submit your guestlist via the website. Horrible, I didn’t get any confirmation after sending the email. They need to fix that.
Inside: Once you enter World Square Pub, there are a set of stairs going up – these take you to the actual Flow Event. I believe the DJ downstairs may be the one hired by the World Square Pub people. anyway, walk upstairs and you are presented to a room with a bar, a medium sized dancefloor with carpeted area around to hold 100 or so people. Lounges dot the walls.
Cloak Room: Easily missed, the cloak room can be found while turning left at the top of the stairs and into the tucked away corridor. Prices unknown.
Bar Prices: I didn’t drink tonight.
Music Style: RnB/Hip Hop. DJs mixed well tonight. Was only here for an hour so am not sure how it was earlier in the night, but there were no hitches. Typical modern RnB tunes being played.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian, possibly entirely Asian. A mix of local Asians and International Asian Students / Fobs on holiday here.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: It’s dark when you get up here. People love that. When we arrived at 2:00AM, it was pretty packed, but it wasn’t sardine – you had about 50cm of room around you to sway your arms – but you couldn’t go nutbag krumping safely. It was enough to allow people to walk through the crowd without interrupting your circle or your grinding session.

First contact – Mission aborted
Well, on first entry, there was a second line inside to go upstairs. I totally forgot about this (I even wrote about it in previous reviews, ugh!) and immediately wanted to stop my other friends going paying entry and going in, but it was too late – they already paid. So this secondary line inside had about 100 people were waiting to go upstairs, which had reached capacity. Frustrating as there were people cutting in, and friends bringing other friends into the line in front of us. We were not going anywhere quickly.


Despite having a separate DJ altogether downstairs, nobody was dancing. They all wanted upstairs. What if they didn’t play RnB downstairs as well – would this have made a diffrence on who danced here downstairs. Well, we tried to dance here, but total fail – nobody joined us. The photographer climbs the stairs and takes photos of us, almost mocking us to let us know that she had instant access upstairs. Bitch – so unfair! Yet again I am reminded I could be a photographer.


Shark Hotel diversion
So we left to go to Shark Bar (I don’t really write reviews about Shark Hotel as I pretty much come here all the time and its always, reliably, the same). Basically mucked around for a bit here before realizing it was 2:00AM – I think we should go back to Flow @ World Square Pub, which was just a block away anyway.


The Return
So here we are at Flow. Got inside the ground floor. We stood to line up again, but only for about 30 seconds this time. Finally we are upstairs. I skip the cloak room and dump my bags in the empty booth as usual, which does just as a good job and without the price cost, as nobody else seems to use it/ trust it. It was way better than Shark Hotel, lol. People were already leaving though as it was 2AM. Only the hedonistic, non-practising christians stayed behind. Despite the people leaving, there still wasn’t any spare room to chill out – Just still people everywhere you lookied.


The grinding man with no fear
So here I am talking to fobby girls in the hope for some grinding, when out of the corner of my eye I see this guy, he looked young judging by his hairstyle. He just cuts in between two girls, and straight up grinds behind one of them. You know what the girls do? Keep on dancing, and they even grind him. Unbelievable. Well, they eventually pushed him away, and so he went to another group of girls, and did exactly the same thing, and the girls, again, just let him grind their friend. Nuts. The only explanation that I can think of is that he’s part of a triad, and that everybody knows it, except me. Grinding man, I salute you.


Left at closing time. We went afterwards to Zaia @ Space for half an hour or so. I did some dance on the trance floor and that was about it.


If you are going to come here, get here as early as you can. If you do come here at around 11:30 or midnight, prepare to be massively disappointed as you wait outside with 100 other asians who want to go upstairs t odance. This is the only reason I was avoiding this place before. We missed out, so it was a bad reflection on us tonight.


Otherwise, if you do manage to get upstairs, its dark, and possibly stuffy at times. Beautiful people are everywhere so its kind of worth it. Maybe.
Flow @ World Square Pub: 6th August 2010 – 5/10


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  1. James says:

    Flow @ World Square Pub has come to an end as of 1 April 2011 . The promoters are relocating to a new venue TBA.

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