Candy dreams @ Havana

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A friends birthday at Havana, so here we go!

Candy Dreams (Final night) @ Havana club deluxe

Assessment Time: 11:30PM – 02:00AM
Opening Hours: 10:30PM – 02:00AM
Lockout: None
Website: N/a
Address: 169 Oxford St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: anything goes.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 on guestlist.
Occurence: Tonight was the final night of this particular event.
Inside: Dancefloor for about 250 people surrounded by lounges, and 3 bars. 
Cloak Room: $4 for standard size. $6 for larger items
Music: RnB, House mashup.
Crowd: Asian.
Entertainment: Modelling show. Tonight was the grand final where 8 of the most beautiful girls from previous rounds, strut it out for the $1000 grand prize.
Atmosphere: Dead. Pretty much the worst I’ve seen Havana at.
Video: 360 from the side bar:
YouTube Preview Image

It’s dead
The first thing that we see as we walk in, is that the entire place is dead. Amazingly dead. There were approximately zero people on the dancefloor, and about 10-20 people around the floor. It was a sad sight, maybe the promoters weren’t bothered seeing it was the final night.

The modelling show
Tonight was the finals of who is the prettiest girl, and there were 8 beauties. You would imagine people would pack this place out for this event, but not really. The girls strutted their stuff, and someone won $1000. Nobody was here to see them compete at all. It was a shame. Here’s a little snippet:

YouTube Preview Image

We are bored
There is only so much dancing on your own as a group that you can do. So it’s silly photo time in the club:

Candy dreams @ Havana


Candy dreams @ Havana


The place closed at 2AM, and not the usual 4AM, which was surprising, but also not surprising considering the deadness of the place.

I can no longer recommend Havana for a night, however it doesn’t matter anymore, as tonight was the last night of the Candy Dreams events.

Candy Dreams (Final Night) – 2/10.

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  1. James says:

    Note that Havana has reopened as club One.Six.Nine . Appears to be a gay club, but I am not sure.

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