Blue Butterfly Arthouse Crowd - 1AM

Blue Butterfly Arthouse Crowd - 1AM

another weekend, another birthday. Tonight it’s Arthouse, so here we go!

Blue Butterfly @ Arthouse
Assessment Time: 01:00AM – 2:30AM
Opening Hours: 10:30PM – 03:00AM
Lockout: None
Address: 275 Pitt St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart Casual. Everyone is dressed well. Guys collared shirts. some t-shirts. Girls are almost all in dresses. I spotted a short lesbian with jeans.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 standard entry. $20 on guestlist
Guestlist: See group and follow events to find guestlist details
Occurence: Once a month or so. 
Inside: Within the arthouse only the main room is open for clubbing. You walk into a hall-like room. Half is occupied by stools, chairs, and the other half a wooden dancefloor for about 100 people. Bar on the right to serve all patrons. 
Cloak Room: None
Music: Mostly RnB tonight.
Crowd: Mostly Asian. Some Aussies and Euros.
Entertainment: an MC was here. 
Atmosphere: Good, considering it was past peak time.
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I am not allowed to talk to girls
I am with the birthday group and I decided to talk to two randome girls from another party. Not after 5 seconds. One of the guys from our party steps in between me and the two randoms, and pulls me away saying “no, no, no”. Why? Were they Mafia / Triad girls? They didn’t look like it. Did he think I had a girlfriend? Not the case. Were they his girlfriends? Didn’t appear so. The only logical conclusion was that he was gay and into me. I don’t have proof of this but what else can explain this mysterious cockblocking behaviour from a fellow man?

Taking over
Well, there really wasn’t many people on the dancefloor to take over, so acquisition was quite easy.

Fight at the end
Apparently big brawl at the end of the night ended things early for all patrons.

Left around 2:30 for some Hungry Jacks across the road

This was an average night. Again, disappointed in only one room being open tonight. Probably not worth the $25,  especially that its only one room open. Arthouse Hotel – 4.5/10


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