3am in the club

3am in Havana Asian RnB night.

A new promoter has taken over Havana for two weeks only. Last week was packed out, and tonight was week two. I somehow got stuck at Haymarket Hotel, but eventually worked my way to Havana, albeit late at 2:30am, so here we go!

Katsuyaku Girls @ Havana Club de Luxe

Assessment Time: 2:30am – 4:00am
Website: http://www.havanaclub.com.au
Address: 169 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual ok. I was wearing a top hat, collared shirt, jeans and dress shoes, which had no complaints upon entry. Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 full price after midnight. They’ve upped it and it hurts my wallet.
Guestlist: Check facebook page.
Inside: One main danceflor for about 200 or so people. Both sides are lounge and booth areas. DJ at the front, and a bar on each other side – Enough to keep one happy
Cloak Room: $4 Bar: Didn’t drink tonight Music: At point of arrival (2.30am) it was some rnb, hip hop and house all mixed up.
Crowd: Asian with a few euros and islanders as well. It’s a little mixed.
Entertainment: Two dancing poles. Earlier in the night the Katsujuku girls were dancing the poles to the amazement of the crowd. There is also an MC tonight to keep the night going.
Atmosphere: Enough people and barely enough women to keep wanting to dance. I was surprised at the number of people left at this time.

(I caught it during the house segment. Look at the crowd go!)
YouTube Preview Image

I’m not alone
M invited me here, but he’s nowhere. He’s already left and dogged me. Bastard! But luckily for me, a girl is madly yelling out my name and waving at me as soon as I walk in. It’s a friend who I met in Melbourne for her birthday just two months ago. Insane. STRAIGHT INTO DANCE MODE. We hop up on the pole to dance and spin around the floor until she has to go.


with Melly @ Havana Club de Luxe Sydney

A cage of birds.
So the Harajuku girls – all 5 or so of them have apparently changed outfits into something normal and have rejoined the dancefloor at 3:30am. They’re on their own little circle dancing around. They’re not terribly good dancers normally but apparently are awesome with dancepoles. Naturally, most of the guys here want some action but it was not to be – Each of these girls had an personal security detail of 1.5 men for a total of 8 security guards. It was fucking insane. I have never seen professional dancers get so much security! Either they are really famous from where they originally came for, or they are really are paranoid of guys like me coming up and grind attacking them from behind. Seriously, imagine dancing in a club and you are SURROUNDED on the floor with big fat islander security guards. WHAT IS THE POINT?

MC Loves me
The MC tonight mingles with the crowd and checks my footwork, and he likes it. But christ, when I realised he was looking at me, I got the nerves and I couldn’t keep dancing. I just sort of fucked up and felt like an idiot. I hate impromptu dancing for other people. They expect some awesome routine that I have in store. Well, I don’t really have one.

Later in the night MC calls me out for standing against the wall resting. He tells me to start dancing again. LOL oh my god, talk about demanding!

Club seriously started to die around 4:000, with a fight breaking out and girls leaving. I finally left. The Chicken-Katsu girls left at the same time as me. I had to wait until security cleared the entire area for them to leave properly. Pffftttttttt.

Note: Next week new promoters are coming in, so dont judge this review or previous Havana reviews on future nights. That said, for tonight, from what I experienced, Havana tonight gets a 6.5/10.

I’m sure it was more awesome earlier in the night.

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