Tao Nightclub Sydney - Grand opening night : 2:30am

Tao Nightclub Sydney - Grand opening night : 2:30am / Bar Area

Just left a house party and I still want my dancing fix. Melly is at the Grand Opening of a new nightclub where the old Mandarin Club once stood. So here we go!


Satisfaction Saturdays @ Tao Nightclub

Assessment Time: 2:30am – 4:00am
Website: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=288588253950
Address: 396 Pitt St, CNR Goulburn St (Old Mandarin Club)
Dress Code / Door Policy: Advertised as “dress to impress”, but seemingly more relaxed about it at the door. Every guy inside though had a collared shirt, and the girls were all in dresses.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free for ladies before 11, $10 on birthday guestlist before midnight. $20 for all others.
Guestlist:  See facebook page for details
Inside: Beneath the now Mr B’s Hotel, Tao Bar/Nightclub is a small area split into even smaller areas – A carpeted area where most dancing occurs. It holds 50-80 people. There are two lounge areas on either side of the dancefloor. A DJ is along the wall. The wooden floor area is the general ‘lets stand around and chat each other up’ area with bar and some tables and stools. This particular area has a green and red spotted light thing dotting the area. It’s trippy.
Cloak Room: $5 per item.
Bar: $19 for 2 carlton draughts and a pure blonde. $16 jugs of beer before midnight
DJs: Xcentrik, R*One, Normz, Edo, Day-Day
Music: RnB most of the night, with the occasional commercial house song thrown in. If you have never been to an RnB asian club.. usually the RNB songs each get about 30 to 60 seconds of airplay before being mixed to another song, so its an anthology of choruses.. its sad if you want to hear the whole song, but with this format, it keeps the crowd going.. and going.
Crowd: Asian, the clean classy types. Not many teeny boppers. If there were any, they were cleverly disguised.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment besdies the MC. There was air conditioning though
Atmosphere: Small atmosphere, but a classy crowd with a “clean” venue keeps it viable to stay inside. By clean, I mean they have air conditioning in the standing area. However on the dancefloor there isn’t much air con and it may get a little stuffy.. but only a little as its not too packed when we got inside.


My clothes are so awesome, even guys want them
I bump into a friend, who is absolutely off his chops. First item on the agenda is the discussion of clothes. He wishes to swap shirts with me! No way, not if I had a buttoned shirt on. It would take too long! So of course, the easier solution was to switch to another item of clothing. He demands to swap his pants with mine! He proceeds by undoing his belt.. and undoing his fly… -____- oh no no no no no no no onononnonononononnoononononoo, this is not what I came to a club for! Had to stop him, but I’m sure if I were influenced enough I wouldve probably gone ahead with a swap.

I found the token white girl in the club.. well she found me
Imagine walking into a club full of asians. You are a blonde nordic girl. What do you do. Do what you do in every other club – let the guys chat you up and score some drinks. But then, suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see ME. you shiver in fear of my awesomeness. You succumb and can only do one thing and that is dance with me.

So the girl has stepped up to me and robs me of my hat without warning and dances around with it. This only meant one thing. Dance mode ON! We dance near the bar area, and we are basically surrounded by entire vicinity of men checking her out and probably thinking ‘Who is this really cool dude?’ Well my fellow men, I’m James Tran, and I am right now uncomfortable having you guys stare at me dance.

A collision of maximus proportions
Swedish girl is walking backwards, ass bent out, towards me, ready for grinding. Suddenly Melly sees me dancing and jumps in to say hello again to me. The guys watching me have a look that they are amazed I know the two most beautiful girls in the club. Melly is now standing between myself and the ass of the swede girl. It’s over before I could warn her. They collide, and the Swede’s heel has stomped on Melly’s toes. Melly is in some sort of pain but, as we all know, being stomped on by a heel only hurts for a few seconds. I tell Melly sorry and continue to grind with the Swede. Some friend I am. Hahahha.

anyway, we keep dancing, and it comes to the point where myself and Swedie are eye to eye, ready for the kiss. Slowly we get closer, and closer. Then, finally, HER GIRLFRIEND CAME ALONG AND TAKES HER AWAY. MY GOD!! Nooooooooooo! THIS IS SO NOT HAPPENING !!! FML!! ngahhhhh But, alas, reality hit – she was gone. The love of my night taken away. To rub salt into my emotional wound, the count of women in the club has dropped by 20% when they left. The men who were staring at us, are now staring at me. I wonder what they are thinking now. I feel like a neutered dog. Please, my dear humane reader, put me to sleep now.

Melly @ Tao Nightclub Sydney

Melly from Melbourne @ Tao Nightclub Sydney


My top hat
I bought a top hat yesterday, and tonight it worked wonders. Women love it. I recommend it. Though, it does get stolen often… even photographed a thief in action!

Tao Nightclub Sydney - Just before a random steals my hat

Tao Nightclub Sydney - Just before a random steals my hat. Look at her hands! Why are people so unkind?



Besides the Swede setback, we enjoyed dancing for the rest of the night. At departure time 4am, the place had about 20 guys and 2 girls left.

For a grand opening it was pretty good. Clean place, and reasonable entry price. Upstairs was also a kitchen if you were hungry. It’s a good all round venue for the asian rnb connoiseur. Music was good and crowd to match. Not too packed, but I was here at 2.30am, will have to see what it is like earlier in the night next time.

Satisfaction Saturdays @ Tao Nightclub (Mr B’s Hotel) – 8/10

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    James, love your blog. Can you give us a heads up next time you’re out in town? Love to meet you in person, you’re very colorful.. orange and green style, you are no brown and grey!!!

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