DCMs @ Havana

A birthday for a friend. She has chosen Havana, so here we go!

Assessment Time: 22:45- 1:30am
Website: http://www.havanaclub.com.au
Address: 169 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Dress Code: Casual OK. Hats OK.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25. $20 on guestlist (?)
Guestlist: see website. No problems getting in
Inside: One central dance floor, three bars. Private room in the corner, and lounges everywhere.
Cloak Room: Yes
Music: ‘Scouse’ House and Trance. It was actually pretty good tonight, as the DJ has a big group of songs to choose from. Of course, he chose some of the popular house songs as well as mixing it up with a bit of progressive trance. It was pretty good i would say.
Crowd: Dominantly Euro, some Aussies.
Entertainment: Dancers on the podiums. No MC’s tonight, but dancing chicks are good enough for me.
Atmosphere: Good vibe. Not as packed as the Chocolate City RNB nights, but still busy nonetheless. A good vibe in general.
Video: 360 View from the dancefloor
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How far would you let your GF go with another guy? A Q&A Session with James Tran:

One of the girls I know comes up and dances with me. She may have been a bit drunk… So lets have a Q and A session to best reflect of what had happened with this girl..

Q) James, is it cool to dance with you when I have a boyfriend in the same club?
A) Sure. It’s just a dance.

Q) James, is it cool to grind with you when I have a boyfriend in the same club?
A) Dunno, probably not, unless you explicitly allowed each other to do so.

Q) James, Dude, you’re grinding with my girlfriend! WTF??
A) I wasn’t grinding with her. She was grinding with me. I too, wasn’t cool with it, and I kindly reminded her that you were still in the club,  but I didn’t exactly push her off. I was just being neutral, standing there.. the pole to her strip tease. The Switzerland to the world.

Q) James, is it cool to tell you that I’m not wearing a bra while boyfriend is watching?
A) Well that’s nice to know. Just make sure he didn’t hear you, or you’ll be in biiig trouble. (which he didn’t). In a normal situation without loud music, I would advise not to do it. Besides, you should be telling your boyfriend that you’re not wearing a bra, not me!

Q) James, is it cool to sandwich you in the middle of me and my hot friend while boyfriend watches?
A) Oh hell yes!!! A Sandwiching god does exist.

Boyfriend finally arrived to take the pretty girls claws away from me. (they have now since broken up at time of writing)

Lady Gaga
I Met her! Well, I sort of met her. She has an awesome disco stick.

We steal someone’s booth
We didn’t quite steal it. The sign was still up there. It was a girl’s birthday, but the birthday girl wasn’t there. A friend had found the birthday girl, sitting in front of the DJ booth, with her girlfriends, looking quite bored. It was their first time in the club and they didn’t want to dance.. or even try. That’s a boring birthday.

Drug ladies
Two larger girls drop by and sit down. This was their booth as well. We all became friends. We left the two girls to chat up our non-dancing friend. After about half an hour, he has told us that one of the girls force fed him MDMA for free. (The free bit was the most important bit). The guy that they were with was a drug dealer.

Funny that the police dogs were here earlier, and they didnt catch him out.

Also as an aside, why is it that people assume that I know how to get drugs?? I don’t have the faintest idea where to start. Sure, drugs are a part of the experience, but alcohol is good enough (and bad enough) for me. I digress.

We leave early 1:30am as the designated driver has to leave.

7 out of 10

The place could have a better atmosphere with more people. Music is great though.

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