Fridays @ Marble Bar Sydney

Jazz Cover Band - Marble Bar

Jazz Cover Band - Marble Bar

Assessment Time: 9pm-11pm

Location: Level B1, 588 George St Sydney (Hilton Hotel Sydney)
Entry Fee / Cover Charge
: Free. No guestlist.
Dress Code: Most acceptable attire accepted, but everyone here was wearing dresses or collared shirts. Wearing casual would not help your cause in fitting in.
Crowd: Dominantly older crowd of late 20’s/ early 30’s and above.
Inside: On big atrium-like room. Decor of cabaret style. A front stage and two side bards. Columns dotted in the room. Very symmetrical.
Music: A live band is playing with a singer. The band is doing covers of popular house and rnb songs, but her soul voice makes each song have a different jazz-like flavour take to it. Nice… also perfect for the older people here who know their contemporary songs but can’t be bothered going toa  proper club.
Atmosphere: Bustling and busy, while the decor and band gives a cosy/relaxed kind of feel
Video – 360 view:
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This place was packed. You can hear the loud chatter of the crowd mixed with the music. Every month they have special acts to play here.

Not much room to move around
So, no room to dance. Just enough to dance with two or three people in a group. any more would be a bit squashy. Most people were hovering around the band at the front.

Nobody is dancing
I looked pretty much the baby in this place. As we wonder through the place, I wonder – why are there so many people here, and yet not many dancing?? Blame the music. Even though the songs were of a dance nature, the way the band played it made it sound like you were in a jazz club. If you never heard the songs before, you would have no idea what they were covering. However it was still ‘buzzy’ enough to dance to, that is, if your knees haven’t given way yet to old age.

Older girls and boys
Speaking of old girls, many of them were around. Just don’t call them cougars, as there were an equal amount of older men in here. This was a place for the older crowd to mingle about without feeling too old. I felt like a fresh new baby again instead of appearing the old dirty bastard at a club full of teenagers. This may be the place to go when I’m 40.

Check out this hottie:

She was probably 40 or 50 something years young.

She was probably 40 or 50 something years young.

I found a girl who was the only one dancing.. and we sorta started to make out. But she was probably 35 or something, and had ‘work’ the next day – boo! So we left at 11pm to go to Flow @ World Square Pub . Got rejected there twice (‘too many guys upstairs’) so we went to Star Bar for the rest of the night.

Only come here if you’re into Jazz, and if you’re into the Jazz-crowds. A nice place though if it ever turned into a clubbing event. Though it was pretty packed.  This is hard to rate – Atmosphere alone is great. A nice place for drinks but not a dance.
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  1. dr_stoopid says:

    Your face is priceless!

    Hahah Funny thing was, that old maid was the only one getting any action that night.

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