Friday @ The Cross (The Bourbon) 22nd May 2009

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an SMS – “Where are you? Come to kings cross, I need someone to dance with”
Me: “No. “
“I’m at a place called ‘The Cross’. Please come, its boring” – Now why on earth would I go to a place where its boring?

She really wanted me to join her, and I really didn’t want to go. I relent after some pleading, and grab a taxi. Last time I was here at ‘The Cross’, Miles Dyson came down to play, but people only started to turned up for his 2am set then left after.

About The Cross: (assessment time 1:30am)
Address: 24 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross (Map), above the Bourbon
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 tonight.

Dress Code: Casual allowed. Hats allowed.
: Mostly caucasians.
Atmosphere: Dead in the side room, main room was barely surviving, but the people were still partying.
Inside: A Main room and a side room + balcony. Main room: The DJ booth is at the front, while cushion chairs line the walls surround the small dance floor. Looking up there are shoes hanging off the ceiling as well as those tube things one crawls through as a little child. I can’t explain it. It was a nice little addition.
Side room: DJ booth, bar, and lounge at back. The lounge is just a queen sized bed! Awesome. Though, not enough lounge seats to go around. Then again, there weren’t many people tonight.  Terrace was, again, closed when I got in. So there was no outdoor area to smoke. You would have to head downstairs for that.

YouTube Preview Image
A clip of the main room.

Side room
So we got in 1.30am, and tonight the side room was open! So I went in and there were about 5 or 6 people dancing in there. It was quite a nice room. I can’t remember the music, it was housey/trancey but I could be wrong – I’m not familiar with the different types of house music besides commercial and non-commercial. Danced for a bit until there were about 3 of us left, and then we went to the main room

The Cross (The bourbon) Side room

The Cross (The bourbon) Side room

Main Room
Probably 20 or 30 people here in total. half dancing, half on the sidelines. Keep in mind it was 1.30am, and so a lot of people would have gone home already. Everybody was milled around the front near the DJ, were he was playing his tunes. It definitely wasn’t commercial house.  Someone I met that night described it as electro-house.. My limited exposure to house comes from a ministry-of-sound annual CD’s, and this felt underwhelming. However the crowd seemed to be fully right into it, and the music was still danceable to.  I suppose I am more comfortable with tunes I am familiar with, instead of stuff I haven’t heard yet.

The Cross - Main Room - DJ Booth

The Cross - Main Room - DJ Booth

Dancing any style makes you good
Nobody here could really dance, most of the people it was a lot of jumping around, as though the DJ were a rock star. I probably had to tone down my dancing to avoid getting attention, but it didn’t work. We were the only asians in this joint, and I was the only one with a big white fedora hat on. Even some basic RNB moves in this place made us look like dance gods. However the people here seemed to be here just for the music.

A quick Coda

At 2am, her friends were tired and wanted to leave pronto. OMG I was only here for 30 minutes at this place, I managed to get her into a real dancing mood, and I myself was beginning to get into the jist of it all. Sadly we are forced to leave, feeling a little rorted that I trekked up here for only a 30 minute dance. I personally would not come back here with friends, as the music style and atmosphere unfortunately isn’t for me. Would consider it only if a guest DJ was playing.



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