I am here to meet up with Jack and Renee, two friends I met a few months ago at this same place. Renee is going overseas for a bit and so its her farewell night out…

Star Bar

Address: George st Sydney
Website: www.starbar.com.au
Entry / Cover Charge: Free for all before 11ish pm. Thereafter the ‘guestlist’ excuse is used to reject you. You need to conform to doory policy at this time
Door Policy: Most of the time you can go in. After midnight its tougher to get in. If you are a guy, you need to be alone or with a girl to get in. Medium (3 or more) to large groups of men are certain to be rejected.
Crowd: Predominantly Asian. Due to tight door policy there is a good mix of girls and guys.
Music review: Video Dj playing predominantly rnb, hip hop, with some house and retro. Nothing to complain about, but of course, theres not much mixing up. Basically the whole song gets played and he tranisitions into the next song.
Atmosphere review
It was ok just before midnight, but there was a little more men than we prayed for. Suddenly though, at around 12.30, a whole truckload of people just walked into the place, and it was sooo packed! Wow. Must be the rain outside. It was actually good in here!

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Wearing my white hat again to the same place – bad move
Joplin: I wore the white last last week when I went to Star Bar, and I wore it again. Joplin from last saturday recognized me and we started to dance. Joplin isn’t the prettiest girl, but we got along well. We tried to get her man-friend to come out to dance but he steadfastily refused. He stood there, beer in hand in front of the Dj just staring at us. Shame. Joplin, being a regular, also knew the hot blondes in here. They came and danced, and I tell ya, I looked pimpin!

Friends of the girl I hit on last week: I was pretty much dancing with Renee most of the time, and we’re just friends but were grinding and all that. Unfortunately for a girl I was hitting on last week, her friends were there, and they see me grinding with Renee, thinking the worst of me. They probably think I’m some player, which I totally am not! haha.. so embarrasing. I have since canceled my meet up with the girl.

The lonely girl: I spotted her again. A girl who stands there stepping left and right from last week. She’s so cute, but seems so shy. any groups of guys who come up and dance with her, she doesn’t reciprocate, and just walks away. Not chatty or anything. I go up to her and tell her that I saw her last week, and that she is so busted for being here twice. Didn’t make sense as I was here as well. She smiles anyway but doesn’t talk. Maybe she’s mute. anyway, woot! made someone smile tonight :)

I left at 1am. I really didn’t want to though – it was really going off, and it was packed like I’ve never seen before.

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