Bamboo @ Martin Place Bar (The return)

On September 13, 2008, in Martin Place Bar, RnB, by James Tran

Got to Chinese Laundry at around 12.30am and were told the wait is was one hour. Against my protests, Brojo and an drag me to Bamboo… it’s been a long time since and an I vowed to never return unless there was good reason. Well, really, there wasn’t.

Bamboo @ Martin Place Bar
Music: RnB
Crowd: Asian
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $25 non guestlist after midnight. Guestlists are available from website.
Occurrence: Every Saturday
Atmosphere: Crowded

It was already 1am and it took me about 30 minutes to get in as it was pretty much crowded inside. The big difference between tonight and last year was that they opened up the side windows.. and it was actually not hot inside ! Wow.. very impressed. However by opening the windows, the smoke outside from the cigarettes come drifting into the room.. booo. I guess they had to choose whatever was the lesser of two evils in terms of a better clubbing experience.

Didn’t do much except try to hog the podium as much as possible.

Music: RnB… generally good all night. There was a period later in the night where the DJ played 2 house songs. Just two songs – I loved it, but the crowd was… still. Suddenly he puts on RnB again, and all the hands are in the air again.. crowd going crazy.

Entertainment: Dancers! MC also held up throughout the night to keep things going

Podium time
Most of it was me and Brojo. Other times included this indian guy who came up and danced with me. Looking back to where he was looking, his friends were cheering him on. It was a dare. So I grinded back and well.. he didn’t seem too fazed about it. Darn.

Also some random chick was taking pics of me, so I pulled her up for a bit of a boogie .

Despite the small tiny size and packed croweds, its a good place for Asian RnB on saturday night. I still would personally prefer to go to a house club considering the $25 entry.

Heres a podium girl photo

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