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On August 30, 2008, in House, Soho Bar, by James Tran

A friend’s 21st at Soho bar..

About Soho Bar

Location: Victoria St, Potts Point (next to YU, opposite Dragonfly)
Inside: 1 main DJ room, our own room for the birthday with music and 2 other rooms. One lounge, and an outdoor balcony.

About Soho Saturdays
Music: House (Commercial)
Crowd: Young, pretentious and ridiculously good looking.
Dress Code: Smart Casual and Above
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20, cheaper if guestlisted. We had free entry thanks to the birthday girls
Occurrence: Every week
Atmosphere: Crowded and fun on the dancefloor. Relaxed in the other rooms.

We got there around 10pm and pretty much the guy was letting anyone in who made the effort to dress nice. We were still early but the place was already getting busy.

After finally finding the birthday room (amongst the many other rooms out there) we made our own little conversations and the music in our room got basically pumped up above talking volume around 11pm. You were either going to stay and dance or go to one of the other more quiet rooms.

Self control
After about 4 or 5 songs I basically couldn’t even talk to anyone, so I got up to dance. Kept the moves to a minimum as I was in a small room where most of the people were white, and none could dance. It didn’t help when Brojo and C started dancing. We basically hit it off and pulled out all these whacky dance moves.. probably scaring most people.

The main room
We venture out into the main dance floor area, and its packed full of people dancing.. the music, I personally like it – everyone’s singing along or miming to it  at least. The atmosphere with friends was good. I imagine if you were alone it wouldnt be as good, but at the time there were a group of random guys just enjoying it..

Wig theives
Somehow some guys who were observing me found out about the wig i was wearing. Full of excitement, the  drunk guys want to wear it..  I let them put it on and then they run off!! I have to chase after them to take it back. Nearly every GUY in the room wanted to put on the wig and take photos. Quite disturbing.

Atmosphere, and the lack of ugly people
I’ve already said it but i’ll say again. Everyone is freaking good looking. Well, I didn’t see any ugly people. I mean, I have nothing against them, but .. you know what I mean..  it helps to have good lookers in a club.

Atmosphere.. we liked it alot, its got everything.. lounge, dance, smoking area.. and great music and people.

Most of the time it was house/electro, but he did play some rnb beats (just the beats, not the actual songs) We got to dance the Soulja boy twice !

Left around 2.30 … a lovely place indeed. Would go again.

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