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On June 27, 2008, in Hip Hop, House, Retro, RnB, Space (Sydney), by James Tran

Someone’s 21st on the top floor.. The last time I went here was 3 years ago for a birthday and it was a crapola (probably because I was uninvited and i invited myself).. there happened to be an rnb event on the middle floor that night..

About Burkedin Hotel
Location: 2-4 Oxford St, Darlinghurst
Website: http://www.burdekin.com.au/home.htm
Inside: Bottom level is the watering hole level. Middle floor was the dance event, and the top floor was the birthday with a DJ also playing (house). On entering the middle floor there is a small area to dance, and a smaller room to sit. Both have large mirrors so you can check your self out. A common bar for both rooms.

About Absolute
Music: RNB, Hip Hop
Crowd: Asian
Dress Code: Casual. I wore jeans, sneakers and a pink streaked wig.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20 / $15 Guestlist
Occurence: Unknown
Atmosphere: Crowded with some sort of class.

Ask before you pay
I saw Kevin while lining up (inside the stairwell).. After I paid my $15 (the fee was mandatory in order to attend the event and the birthday party) Kevin told me he didn’t like the place. Great.. I should have asked earlier!

Sardines, Mirrors
This was a packed place with too many people. There were about 50 people in the dancefloor.. a bit too much but typical I guess. I was wearing an oversized pink wig and when I saw the large mirror hanging on the wall, I just *had* to adjust my hair. Girls and guys giving me strange looks, meditating on whether the hair was real or not.

It was the typical RNB music you would hear at the nightclub. No complaints, the DJs throughout did a nice job of song selection. Upstairs on the RNB (then later House) level, Josh’s cousing was playing, the music was good as well but unfortunately the music stopped for a few seconds.. wasn’t a good impression.

The girls – for some reason there were a higher proportion of good looking females. Couldn’t explain this phenomenon. Perhaps being single forever have had my standards dropping… naaahh.The small space and unusually loud and boisterous crowd made it more friendly.

Vi, Me, C

Hair despair
Too many girls touched the wig. This was a different kind of wig – it would not revert back to its default shape – you move it and it would keep to the new style in which you created it to be. Absolutely annoying as every ten minutes I had to adjust the hair. C found blue ribbon hanging off the wall and put it around my head. HOT!! Not long after, other people upstairs had taken down ribbon and wrapped it around their heads.

Brojo is elbowed
an intoxicated Brojo and Garry are dancing arm in arm and bumping into the girl behind them. She is giving Brojo the biggest dirties and elbows him. Brojo doesn’t notice. Brojo bumps into her again then after my permission she gave him a huuuuge elbow and poor Brojo nearly topples over himself!

I get the shoe up the ass
We’re dancing in the corner, and there are 2 girls watching us. One of them loves C’s dancing and gets up to dance a bit with her. Hot. Later, the other is staring at me.. i turn around and she slides the foot right up my ass and boots it! So I gave her a piece of what she wanted and sat on her lap, grinding her next to her. I stopped when I realised the guy next to her could have been her boyfriend.

Left at 2.30am.. the place was still packed (small room but the ratio of M:F was getting worse). A safe venue as a small group, but I would only consider regoing if the price was reduced.

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