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C invited me to come out tonight – I enjoyed the last event these promoters held, so let’s check it out – here we go!

U n’ I End of Semester Beach Party @ Docks Hotel

Assessment Time: 10pm to 1am
Address: Shop 225 Harbourside Shopping Centre
Dress Code: Beach attire, but no thongs. Casual ok otherwise
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free if you went in before 9pm. $20 Pre-paid tickets, $25 at the door. Something like that.
Inside: See video below. Basically podiums, a mini catwalk on the dancefloor area. One long bar to serve patrons. One DJ booth today. I am suspecting they did not sell enough tickets to afford a second house DJ.
Cloak Room: Yes, but at exuberant prices. $5 for small items, $10 for big bag (most large handbags). You’re better off dumping it underneath the podiums
DJ: Just one RnB DJ tonight.
Music: Primarily RnB, some electro mashup as is the norm these days. Nothing special, no stuff ups, and good mixing.
Crowd: Dominantly asian.
Entertainment: Inflatable animals, trees to add to the fun. Also, podium girl dancers. Hot. To top it off, a catwalk show where girls walk down and throw off their t-shirts! This was an epic entertainment show.
Atmosphere: It never got packed, but it wasn’t dead either. If you were on your own you would probably not have liked it. It was pretty sad if comparing it to the success of the Pajama party a few months earlier.

Crowd at Docks hotel

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