It’s over but not really

On August 12, 2021, in General, by J T

This post is more closure for myself. Nobody comes here anymore.

As sadly predicted here, the lockout laws killed it all

Then MIRACULOUSLY they were lifted, right in time for COVID lockdowns. Hahaha.  The superclubs remain and bespoke bars have flourished. Sydney are trying to introduce 24 hour zones but we shall see. The scenes won’t be as wild as in the past, or even before I was clubbing myself..

My healing journey Since my last post I’ve been through my own journey and realised why I went out so much to escape reality. You know, childhood trauma and all that. I’m good now and I apologise to anyone I affected emotionally during my party days

Post mortem @ Kings cross  – walked here and it was sad to see all the now defunct bars and nightclubs replaced with residential developments and their occupants complaining about the noise at night. It’s sad. My wife, besides me, asked “do you miss clubbing?” (aka do you miss checking out the chicks and grinding up with them????). I just love these trap questions…



I still occasionally gone back to clubs to see DJs that I like and grew up with, and maybe more rarely the occasional festival..  but felt no need to write reviews about them unless truly horrible. Most promoters just want to create a good vibe for everyone and I respect that.  It’s also great to be able to go back and just be in the moment away from reality.

This blog arose prior to social media and you had to rely on friends who might have heard someone or something how events went. Nowadays it is quite easy to find out how clubs and festivals are.  I might post future adventures for my own amusement if they are really life changing but in the age of social media, the relevance and motivation of the continuity of this blog is no longer required. aka i dont make enough money from monetisation. 

Personal life:

We are expecting our first child, a daughter. It is truly karma at its finest. If my children become club whores, I can only blame myself, but I’d be happy to be the dad in the corner tagging along and talking to whoever would listen to me rant about “the gold old days…”

The good old days where you could have shots after midnight and wake up with your shirt covered in old vomit. The good old days you where you were one bar stool away from being hit in the head from a random fight across the room. The good old days where smoking was still allowed indoors and you would come home reeking like cigarettes. Hmm.. yes.. those good days ….  (insert cry-laugh emoji)

Fin, for now


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