It’s time to shut it down.

On August 12, 2021, in General, by James Tran

This post is more closure for myself. Nobody comes here anymore.

As sadly guessed in my about post written the lockdowns killed it all. Then MIRACULOUSLY they were lifted, right in time for COVID. Ha! The superclubs remain and bespoke bars have flourished. Sydney are trying to introduce 24 hour zones but we shall see.

My healing journey Since my last post I’ve been through my own journey and realised why I went out so much to escape reality. You know, childhood trauma and all that. I still occasionally gone back to clubs and the occasional festival but felt no need to write reviews about them.  It’s great to be able to go back and not be recognised and just enjoy the music and vibe.

Walked down kings cross  with my partner the other week and it was sad to see all the now defunct bars and nightclubs replaced with residential developments and their occupants complaining about the noise at night. It’s sad. My wife asked “do you miss clubbing?” (aka do you miss checking out the chicks). I love these trap questions!

It has always been about who you go out with that makes the experience. Would I still attend music events? Of course, I would still love to do the big festivals overseas. I can’t wait to be that old guy in the back squatting around, with my bottle of water.

Future We are expecting our first child, a daughter. It is truly karma at its finest. If my children become club whores, I can only blame myself.





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