After leaving Hotel Chambers, the 24 hour party continues at Phoenix Bar – Here we go!

Sideways Fridays (“The Experiment”) @ Phoenix Bar

Assessment Time: 1:55AM – 2:05AM
Opening Hours: 10:00PM – 5:00AM (Separate Recovery Party after 5:00AM)
Lockout: None
Address: 34 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Venue Website:
Promoter Website:
Occurrence: Every Friday
Outside Line: None
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual, anything is okay.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night
Guestlist: None

Inside: Walk downstairs underground to the back area where there are one or two plastic lounges. The bar is on the left and is about 15 people long. The dancefloor at the front could hold 50-80 people, with the DJ at the far end along the wall.
Cloak Room: None found
Bar Prices / Line: $5 spirits all night.
Bathroom Facilities: Not utilised
Eviction Count: None, well since there was basically nobody here
DJs: Shepz, Manjazz, Detnum, Paper Cranes, Tough Love, Junior, Neon Youth, Roof, Ian Hard, Dan Bangs
Music Style: Tech House and Minimal House
Crowd: Looks like all local. Caucasians.
Ratio: Even ratio. Then again, it was just couples night tonight.
Entertainment: None
Atmosphere: It was so dead in here. There were 6 people on the floor, 3 at the DJ booth, one bartender, a couple at a back, and us 3. That’s 14 people in the whole club. I don’t know if everybody had gone home, or nobody decided to turn up because of the weather.
Video: Walkthrough, and head count
YouTube Preview Image

Most of the time we walked around, I danced for a bit, but Marty and my other friend were not impressed. I could imagine getting bored here after 15-30 minutes. I’m not sure why the other people were here, perhaps they were supporting the DJ, or they were actually into this type of House music. If the latter, then I respect that.

Unfortunately we were not so into this music, or the lack of a crowd, so we quickly left after 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
I don’t know of any other places that play Tech / Minimal House on a regular basis so there isn’t much else to compare it to. You’re only going to come here if you’re a fan of the music and nothing else.

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