Checking out the nightlife in Cronulla – we’ve just left Northies and our second stop is Sting Bar – here we go!

Saturday @ Sting Bar
Assessment Time: 11:20PM – 12:05AM
Opening Hours: Unknown.
Lockout: Midnight, surprisingly. Security advised that they were under strict RSA regulations. Better safe than sorry. 
Address: 3-7 Kingsway, Cronulla, Sydney  
Venue Website:
Promoter Website: Self promoted
Occurrence: It is assumed to be open every weekend
Outside Line: No line outside
Dress Code / Door Policy: Hats were fine here tonight. It’s a casual affair here as well – lots of guys in their t-shirts/sneaks/jeans combo and girls in whatever simple dress they can find. 3/4 length shorts are allowed here too, so its easy going, but you do want to look reasonably okay here because of the crowd. Tonight we have our blazers and best clothes on .. just in case.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Inside: Walk inside to enter the Southern end bar and lounge side of the club. Bar in the middle of the venue with lounges and chairs/stools surrounding South, West and East sides of the bar. West side is more elevated with sets of lounges to hold about 3 or 4 separate small gatherings. On the North end is the dancefloor/DJ end. The dancefloor itself holds perhaps 10 or so people, but there are surrounding carpeted areas and elevated seating areas you could dance upon if need be. The total area now thus holding now 30-40 people. DJ located on the Western wall.
Cloak Room: No cloak room services
Bar Prices / Line: I did purchase but can’t remember the price. There were two staff members working the bar – there was only one order in front of us so the wait wasn’t long.
Eviction Count: None
DJs: DJ Poi (?) and guests
Music Style: It was a bit of a mixed bag here for our time here. You’re dancing to RnB then it switches to House, which is fair enough, but then the next song is ‘Breathe’ by the prodigy – it’s a huge change within 2 songs. There isn’t much mixing going on, with the majority of the song being played each time.
Crowd & Ratio: The first impression upon walking into here is that it is definitely an older crowd tonight. Older being late 20s, 30s and probably some people in their 40s. Everyone else here is of Caucasian descent and it looks like most are probably locals here. The ratio is pretty even here throughout the night.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment.
Atmosphere: On the Southern lounge area it was okay-ish – there are groups mingling but only among themselves. The crowd didn’t seem to pick up enough to foster more intergroup mingling. The entire place is also pretty well lit, so there’s no seedy atmosphere. It is another bar-focused place, but the dance floor is at least of reasonable size. No drinks allowed on the dance floor, so at least there is no spillage. It kind of felt sterile and unusually clean – patrons who wouldnt dance would stand about 2 or 3 metres away watching. Kind of weird when they stand and stare. Throughout the night there would be no more than 6 or 7 people at one time dancing.. with most times being empty. Pretty ugly sight.
Video: 360 views of primarily the dance floor. (The very last second of this clip shows what guys shouldn’t do to women in a public setting if he wants to leave a good impression) 
YouTube Preview Image
Rabbit is a delicacy here
So its easter, and Marty has lent me his bunny ears to help celebrate tonight. A kind of novelty item. So when it becomes clear the ears are the envy of some people, some asswipe took the ears off my head and within literally 5 seconds.. not 10 or 15 seconds.. just only FIVE seconds I turned around to look away. It was all that he needed – he disappeared into fat air, ears gone. How the f*ck does that happen? There are only like 10 people on the well-lit dance floor, but all the white guys with their t-shirts look the same to me and I only had 1 second to have the look at the back of this asshole’s head. Some lead I have. I went straight to the exit to catch the bastard out but alas he did not materialise… and thus adds to the pile of things that have been stolen in the clubs. I hope he wakes up with a rabbit nibbling his balls.

with a fan of the ears

With a fan of the ears before they were stolen


Bartender has advised us there is actually a local proper nightclub spot down the road, so we leave. It has unfortunately not picked up much patronage, and as it was midnight, the lockout was in place and nobody else was going to come in anyway.

This looks like another simple watering hole for the older crowd who don’t want to deal with the youngins at Northies, with a dancefloor to boot. Come for a drink, it’s a good atmosphere for that – but for the dance atmosphere – I wouldn’t come here for a dance.

Sting Bar, Cronulla Sydney
Bar aspect – 6.5/10
Club aspect – 2.5/10 The potential is there… but the music needs more work to keep the crowd going and in place. 12AM cut-off doesn’t help the cause either, but I am guessing it is what is enforced upon this venue for now.


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4 Responses to Saturdays @ Sting Bar, Cronulla: 23rd April 2011

  1. David says:

    hey james,what nightclubs would you recommend for an 18th birthday night out? Unfortunately,my 18th lies on the 2 week holiday right before the hsc,so its not going to be an all out crazy party for my 18th =[,but a small group of say , 5 people including me.

  2. James says:

    Hi David

    I would be visiting a bar with a small dance floor instead of jumping straight into a full blown club, if you are not down for some crazy time. Full blown clubs can be intimidating the first time.

    It would help if you could write what kind of music you were into, Saturday/Friday night, general crowd type that you feel comfortable in.

    Even though its your birthday, you will need to at least cater for your friends needs too – you will have heaps of time to decide before HSC comes around, so have a look around here and on other sites too. the most important bit is that your friends are down for enjoying the night.

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