At a local party, so the night kicks on at the local nightclub …. here we go!

Club 269 @ Macquarie Hotel

Assessment Time:12:00AM – 01:30AM
Opening Hours: The Hotel is open throughout the day, but the club event begins later in the night beginning around (probably 9:00PM or 10:00PM) until close at 03:00AM
Lockout: No apparent lockout
Address: 269 Liverpool St, Liverpool, Sydney
Venue Website:
Promoter Website: Self Promoted event
Occurrence: Once a month on a Saturday. However every Saturday it is basically the same event but with a different angle to it.
Outside Line: Maybe 5 people in front, but they were let in pretty much right away, so we didn’t wait long at all.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual is ok, and so its pretty much okay to come here wearing what you are comfortable with, so long as you’re not in your daggy Adidas trackpants that you can unbutton all the way up on the side.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: None
Inside: Walk inside past the gaming arera (and secondary bar) to enter a large room split into two areas. Dancefloor and DJ out at front and bar at the back, where you stand.
Cloak Room: None available
Bar Prices / Line: I didn’t buy any drinks tonight, but waiting with a friend there was only one , or two orders maximum in front of us.
Music Style: Primarily Commercial RnB tonight
Crowd & Ratio: Most people here are of the young Asian Australian type. Possible Teeny Bopperss here, but they all look the same. I would say at least half to 75% of the people here are Asian. The rest are a mix of Islander, Indian, Caucasian, etc etc.
Entertainment: Just the MC to keep things going.
Atmosphere: Primarily contemporary Pop/Rnb that you hear on the commercial radio. Occasional house song thrown in. It’s your normal RnB night tonight. It isn’t as packed as the Pure nights, probably because Future Music Festival was on tonight. So, I was surprised to see the venue at a less than optimal capacity. It was still alive, but not as much as other typical Saturday nights. It’s also an open smoking area on the dancefloor so you can get some whiffs of ciggie smoke onto you.
Straight to it then
I can’t remember what happened but I did say hi to someone, we got along well.. maybe there was a spark there… then suddenly we get massively got cockblocked by her friend who appeared out of nowhere to save her friend from a lifetime of happiness. The CB pretty much almost whacked me. Too bad.

A free 4 way drink
Some birthday girls me and a friend spoke with earlier came to us.. and had bought a drink for us to share! It was one drink with 4 straws in it. Two straws for us and two straws for them. I wonder where this was leading too. Anyway, this wasn’t some huge as glass to drink out of – it was the tiny small ass glasses that a first time drinker would have. So we ended up having like 50mL’s each of alcohol. haha I didn’t see the point. After that instead of them hanging around for a chat.. they walked away. Interesting.

It’s about 1:00AM and the music is cut off, replaced with the sound of BEEP.. BEEP… BEEP… (meaning get ready for a possible evac) soon turning quickly into a WOOP… WOOP… WOOP. It was a fire alarm telling us to ‘GTFO!’. However looking around, everyone looked like stunned mullets not knowing what to do. And where WERE the proper fire wardens for this type of emergency? It wasn’t a fire drill. Most of the crowd were looking at the MC, who probably was just as shocked as everyone else. So I put on my metaphorical hat and told two reasonably good looking girls to follow me out, so they did.. sadly though the alarm stopped, and they ran back onto the dancefloor to resume dancing.

Pretty knackered, and I wanted to go back home, so we left. Place was beginning to die.

The Pure Saturday nights are better, but I would solely contribute the lesser crowd due to Future Music Festival being held tonight. Also disturbed about the lack of fire wardens at a possible fire situation, but I would imagine the same response would happen if the fire alarm went off at any other club.

Club 269 @ Macquarie Hotel : 4.5/10

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