Just left pumphouse, and they all went home. It was only 1am. So I met up with another friend, who happened to be at Star Bar..

Star Bar

Entry: Free for all before 11ish pm. Thereafter the ‘guestlist’ excuse is used to reject you. You need to conform to doory policy at this time
Door Policy: Most of the time you can go in. After midnight its tougher to get in. If you are a guy, you need to be alone or with a girl to get in. Medium (3 or more) to large groups of men are certain to be rejected.
Crowd: Predominantly Asian. Due to tight door policy there is a good mix of girls and guys.
Atmosphere review: Floor is always full of people dancing around. Pretty good.
Music review: Video Dj playing predominantly rnb, hip hop, with some house and retro. Nothing to complain about, but of course, theres not much mixing up. Basically the whole song gets played and he tranisitions into the next song.

Was here to meet a friend, Janis as I can’t make it to her birthday next month. Janis is with her friend, Joplin. Joplin looks a bit depressed and sits down most of the time. Joplin says she comes to star bar every week, she looked so bored, I thought she was angry that Janis had invited a guy to hang out with them.

Glow stick ear-rings

The security guy is giving out glowsticks. Haven’t used these in a while, and I use the same trick I did last time – I made ear-rings out of them and put them on. I’m straight, but believe me it worked last time, and I was sure it would work again. Within a few minutes these ear-rings got stolen by two girls, and I get to grind really close with one of them for the rest of the night, I get number and kiss too. yay for glowsticks.

Janis is drunk for her pre-birthday and wants moarrrr.
Janis is drunk and wants me to buy her drinks. I get her some for her birthday. She is smashed but looks pretty sober. I get a whole bunch of random people to sing her happy birthday and to get her drinks. I cockblock some random guy from hitting onto her. Yet she still wants more drinks. I say no. Then she does the unbelievable and slides herserlf between me and the girl I am dancing with, and starts grinding with me!! She won’t stop grinding with me until I buy her another drink. My god, crazy women. Hilarious and gutsy.. so I get her yet another drink… wonder why her boyfriend isn’t here tonight?

I didn’t do much else I was pretty much chatting up this girl. Left at closing time. A good night for me, but not sure about what other people thought. Very subjective review tonight this one.

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