Emerald @ Scary Canary (Mardi Gras Night)

On March 7, 2009, in RnB, Scary Canary, by James Tran

No line outside. Not good.  The guy instantly offered us $10 entry if we went inside. Not good. We peeked through the window, and it was dead. Not good.

Well, we were already here, after a long walk from Mardi Gras. We went inside..

Emerald @ Scary Canary

Crowd: Asian
Cover: $20 / $10 guestlist before midnight
Music: RNB
Atmosphere: Not too busy, pretty bad

The place to celebrate your bucks night
Walked right in and bumped into Pete (not real name),  the ex-boyfriend of a girl I am friends with. We get along well. A high school friend we lost touch with decided to have his Bachelor’s party at Scary Canary. They already had strippers in the hotel room and decided to come here to finish the night. Sadly a bad choice. Congratulated the groom to be, and we had some drinks. Pete was all about drinking and wanting to picking up girls with me, even though he had a girlfriend. “you know what I mean, its been two years.. “.

Atmosphere.. not so good.
I called a friend, and she said she was at Pavillion, and that it was rocking. That is saying something. The place was probably at 30-40% capacity when we entered. I’ve never actually been here on a night when it’s been good. Well then again, I’ve only been here on RnB nights. Not much improved. Had some random guys take photos with me and my Pippi Longstockings Mardi Gras hair. Below is a pic with a drunken long time friend of mine, and his cousin.

with drunken friend

Bumped into more friends
I bumped into a girl I met 2 years ago whom I lost contact with. Also bumped into a friend from a different circle of friends. It was someone’s party. In that party, Pete’s cousin was there. Strange and small place to meet people. By about this time Pete was smashed and hitting on my friends. Surprised security didn’t kick him out.

Also bumped into the photographer, who was a friend whom I knew online but never met in Real Life. She recognized me with the Pippi Hair on. “James??”. Took me a few seconds to realize who she was. After that I got all the camera attention.. and I still can’t find pics of me!

Getting Glares
I was on the phone and finished the call. I walked back in and two girls stared at me and gave me dirties for no reason. I did nothing to provoke them. What the f##k?? Jealous of Pippi’s hair? Get over it.

Too hot to touch

Too hot to touch

Left around 2am, when the male:female ratio reached 10:1. I don’t think I could come back here again for a while.

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