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On September 24, 2007, in Clubbing Thoughts, by James Tran

I didn’t go clubbing this weekend! My 6 month streak has been broken. Noo!! Friday I worked until 2am. Saturday I was with an, Wuz and co, and we did a party and karaoke. No time for a club. Not even Shark Bar. Just some silly dancing from me while helping serve the birthday cake at the party, and a bit of dancing with some of the guests. I was going to head to a Sunday club, but I got stuck in the kitchen all afternoon (ha ha – yes, I hear you laughing), nullifying any continuation of the 6 month streak. I’m pretty upset about it. Well not upset, but it would have been good to brag that I went clubbing 52 weeks in a row instead of 26 weeks. 6 months is better than 99% of the population I guess.

So to start again, I’m going Indian clubbing next long weekend with Mithilesh and Patrick. Bought the tickets so there will be no change of plan. I will be wearing traditiona Indian attire, which is not what it’s for. This should be fun. It’s on at M Place bar, so it’s going be hot and smelly. I can’t wait.


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