My footy team, the Cantebury Bulldogs, had just lost to the Parramatta Eels in the semi finals. I was leaving the football stadium, all depressed. I decided to ditch my plans for Docks Hotel tonight and go home. I was that buggered.

Right as I get home, I get an SMS invite from my friend M to go to the Albion Hotel Parramatta for some clubbing. Well.. I haven’t been here on a Friday night, so why not – it was probably cheaper here than a $25 cover charge at darling harbour – so here we go!

The Albion Hotel (Gasworks Nightclub)

Assessment Time: 12.15am – 4am (closing time)
Address: 135 George St, Parramatta
Dress Code: Casual OK. I was wearing my wig, black collared shirt, jeans and leather shoes.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $10 I think, or $15.
Inside: Gasworks Nightclub takes up about a third of the area of Albion Hotel. It is basically one big room with lounges against one wall, some tables/chairs on the other side, DJ at the front along with a massive podium (enough space to hold a band), and bar at the back.
DJs: DJ Tommy Funk.

Music: RNB and house. DJ mixed it up well – it was more house than rnb and thank god for that.
: Caucasian/Euro. All the girls dress pretty well here, not many girls with jeans here, lol. Seemed like an even ratio
Atmosphere: Vibe was good! Having the local football team win the semi finals had everybody here in a good mood.
Walkthrough Video

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