Life at uni can get lonely without friends. So what a better way to make friends than to go on a booze cruise! This was the first one lined up that I could find.. so here we go!

She kinda looks like me

She kinda looks like me

Intersociety “Dragonboat” Cruise (on that small boat)
Assessment Time: 07:30PM – 10:30PM
Cruise Hours: 07:30PM – 10:30PM
Route: Leaving Darling Harbour, around to Port Jackson for a few circles, and then heading back to Darling Harbour.
Promoter Website: A once off event held by multiple Asian oriented university societies
Occurrence: Once off event.
Dress Code / Door Policy: No dress code – anything goes. A handful of people dressed up as pirates (:o!!), some girls as asian orient princesses (I can’t really describe the dress)… and whatever else there was. Most people wore their normal casual attire.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $35 Early bird. $45 otherwise ( I think..)
Inside: A small almost tug-like boat. Bottom level to hold around 100-200 people, which is where the dancing happens. Upstairs is where the bar is, and a smaller open area about half the size as the bottom. 
Cloak Room: None
Bar Prices / Line: Standard beer, house wines, Bacardis, premixed spirit drinks were FREE all night long. The bar service is fast, so waiting is no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Later in the night the line was barely there. Oh, there was also free food throughout the night. These uni cruises are full of win.
Music Style: I didn’t spend much time downstairs to be honest – from the time I was downstairs, it was Contemporary RnB and Pop.. pretty typical to an RnB club.
Crowd & Ratio: Mostly Asian Australian (maybe 70%%). The rest were International Students from all over the world. Ratio wasn’t very promising. Actually.. the cruise had about 100 or so people – it unfortunately did not sell out – possible that it was run too early on the semester? Who knows.
Entertainment: No extra entertainment
Atmosphere: Initially everyone was upstairs, not dancing, but drinking. Eventually as people become more friendly with each other, and the music got louder, most people went downstairs to dance their hearts away. At the peak time of dancing (around 09:30PM) it was pretty packed you could say, and we were relegated to the edges of the dancefloor.. so in this aspect it was pretty cool. In all, the boat was about half capacity – I was hoping for a little more of a population.
Walkthrough: 9PM of dancefloor
YouTube Preview Image

Which boat?
There were two cruise boats. One awesome looking boat – the Lady Rose (which I went on previously), and a smaller not so good looking boat in comparison. Both boats had youngish looking people going on board. Sadly we were relegated the smaller boat. Boohoo! Such is uni life.

It didn’t sell out
I was kind of disappointed in the turn out. As mentioned, only about half the boat I would say was filled up with people. I mean.. $35 for freaking unlimited alcohol and food. Like people typically spend $100 or whatever on drinks and cover charge, and here its only $35, with entry to the after party after. My GOD.. take the chance while you can to go on these booze cruises you uni students!! The upside was that there was no chance that the booze would run out :)

Leaving darling harbout

Leaving Darling Harbour - with free energy drink for the night ahead :)

Friends who didn’t turn up
Spotted – A poor lonely girl playing with the mobile. Why, when there was free alcohol to be had? She explained that her friends ditched the cruise. Seriously? You buy tickets to unlimited booze, and you ditch it at the last minute. What a waste of money. Give that money to charity or something if you can blow that much money away! We ended up talking to the lonely girl about what the odds are at winning at the casino in the long term (the answer is ZERO, unless you’re playing Texas Holdem against other people)


We finished, and some people kicked on to the after party at Home Nightclub.

Excellent value. Sad about the turnout. Alcohol though makes worries go away.

“Dragonboat” Cruise 2011: 5.0/10





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