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I Love Uni White Party - Home Nightclub

I’ve been asked to check this University event out. A combined effort of all the universities, targeted for students who had just had their first O-Week. Well, considering my own O-week was about 8 years ago, I was wondering whether I should go. Then.. on the promo poster were the magic words: “WHITE PARTY”. Can anybody say GANDALF DA WHITE IS BACK??!! Got my dancing partner C to come along and so off we set our dancing merry feet – here we go!

I Love Uni White Party @ Home Nightclub

Assessment Time
: 11:00pm – 3:00am
Opening Hours: 9:30pm – late (4-5am?)
Address:  Cockle bay wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: White attire only. However people who were not wearing white were still allowed in, despite warnings that people were not going to be allowed in.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 presold tickets (sold out). $25 at the door. The girl at the counter liked my outfit and I asked for a discount for having such an ‘awesome’ outfit.  She lowered my entry fee to $20. Score!
Guestlist: none
Inside: The White Party event was for the main arena room to hold 500 or so people. All the other rooms were closed. Later after midnight, the other trance / house / rock band rooms were opened up for the general public.
Cloak Room: Did not utilise cloak room today.
Bar: Didn’t drink tonight
DJ: Unknown.
Music: RnB initially in the main room. After around midnight, a change of DJ’s and an opening of doors to the public for sublime ensure the RnB was killed, and house and trance/ house took over for the rest of the night. It was strange because at one point in the night, a singer came out and sang some house songs, it was so bloody bizarre – how could people dance to this?? The small room upstairs was also used for a local rock band gig. I have never seen it done like this – what has happened to Sublime?? I was disappointed in one’s choice of music selection to dance to after the rnb stopped.
Crowd: Lots of asians for the rnb component, with a sprinkle of other nationalities. Almost all are uni students. Of course, as rnb is killed, the rnb lovers left and the ratio became a mixed bag of everything – Whites, Asians, Indians.
Entertainment: MC and professional male dance crews. Wow, they actually *do* hire men to dance. They were more house dancers but were pretty good at what they did.
Atmosphere: Main room was always happening. The other rooms later in the night were only so so. The sublime room was the only other somewhat happening room for the trance lovers.

Video: – 360 view at around 2am,
Taken by C – you can see me for 2 seconds dancing with a random dude
YouTube Preview Image

Keep reading on for Gandalf’s adventures!

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A friend invited me to a little uni end of semester party – with a Pajama theme – sounded great! So I dressed up as a sailor.

U n’ I Pajama Party @ Docks Hotel
Assessment Time: 10:30pm – 2.30am
Entry Fee/ Cover Charge: $25 prepaid, $30/$35 at the door. Alternatively you could have come to Docks Hotel before 9.30 for drinks without paying entry and hung around for dance later.
Occurrence: Once off. It was U n’ I’s (the organisers) first event.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian, and almost entirely of uni students.
Music: RNB, House. The typical Sydney RNB DJ’s attended tonight. Sefu.. and Ace and some other ones for the main area. In the side room/area there was also RNB, but the DJ here also mixed it up with some House music. The King of Pop died earlier today, so there was also a 4  song Michael Jackson tribute in the middle and at the end of the night, which was nice of the DJs. A bit of Jackson 5, and then some MJ songs.
Atmosphere: Pretty good. Crowded as people were let in. Most stayed until 1.30.
Entertainment: Dance off, and an all girls pillow fight. Videos of the pillow fight later

360 Video Inside:
YouTube Preview Image

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UNSW BSOC BSXC @ Home Bar (21st May 2009)

On May 21, 2009, in Home, House, RnB, Trance, Uni Events, by James Tran

What an acronym!! The University of New South Wales  Business Society ‘Be Sexy’ dance!!! Try saying that 10 times. My boss has been encouraging me to use my annual leave, so I took a Friday off and went with a friend on Thursday night!

About Home Bar

Address: 101 Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour (opposite the IMAX theatre)
Inside: Entry is via their side door. It is not accessible via the front bar entrance. When you enter, there is a little foyer with two openings. On the right opening is entry to the main room. The other is a set of stairs that lead up.

The main room is quite large both in terms of dimensions and height. You enter from the back where the bar resides. At the back is a technician (yes, a light and possibly sound technician) The DJ is at the front. The huge Shiny sublime logo hangs as a modern day chandelier. Overlooking the main room on 3 sides is a balcony setup where people are peering down Upstairs is another bar and the balcony peering over downstairs. On Level 2 there is a small room playing trance music. another set of stairs around the bar leads you to level 3 –  set of stairs and a tiny room resides where slow house plays. It’s not crowded and it’s quite good music, but it was dead as throughout the night.

The main room of Home Nightclub. Taken from the 2nd level balcony

The main room of Home Nightclub. Taken from the 2nd level balcony

About BSXC
A once off event, possibly once a year for the UNSW BSOC.
Entry: $10 (1st round), $15 (2nd round), $20 (3rd round). $25 at the door. A relative bargain.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian. It was UNSW, after all.
Atmosphere: Main room – very good. Use of MC had the crowd continually going. Trance room – Small, but there was no pretentiousness when dancing here. House room upstairs – Dead most of the night, but for me, seemed to be the best room, I liked the beats, and I loved the freedom to dance, compared to downstairs were it was packed to the rafters.

Entertainment: I caught a glimpse of some dancers at the front. Don’t know if there were any other forms of entertainment. It was a good way to break things up. No podium dancers at this place, nor podiums to speak of.

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Tonight I was drinking at roof bar. It’s my de facto Thursday night watering hole. Around 8pm some people dressed up come into the place. Woolie recognizes one of them from her high school. There was a dance party tonight, from none other than the UNSW comsoc / lawsoc societies. A few weeks ago myself, Kevin and a friend snuck onto a comsoc party cruise and had a good time, how very funny that I ended up being at the spot of their next event. The host kicked all the students out, but we stayed as we were patrons of Roof Bar. So then the party started…

Event details
Entry: $5 presale, $15 on the door (event was sold out)
Music: RNB
Dress code: Dualities/Doubles. Eg doctor and nurse
Crowd: Uni students, asian.

About 9pm people stared coming in. Woolie spoke to Pearl and Jan. I was introduced along with Ben and Brojo, and an. Nobody was dancing yet and music just started so I went down to the floor with Ben, Brojo and the girls. Soon enough the crowd warmed up and as more people filed in everyone was dancing away.

I bumped into the girls I met on the cruise a few weeks ago – Amanda, Christine, and a hello to Elizabeth. I really should meet more guys. anyway,  both seemed to be off their faces!

anyway not much really happened.. Me, Brojo and Ben danced with Pearl and Jan most of the night. Most of the night we would see everyone saying hi to each other and dancing with each other.. lots of fun. It’s much different than to a club venue where nobody knows each other. I wore Jan’s angel wings which was pretty cool..

We left at 11pm so we could catch the train home, ha!

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UNSW Bsoc Comsoc Cruise 2008

On May 1, 2008, in House, RnB, Uni Events, by James Tran

A moment of inspiration
Me, Kevin and his friend (i forget his name) were drinking at Cargo Bar on Thursday night. We look below and see some uni students awaiting for a cruise. Kevin recognizes it as the UNSW Comsoc cruise, which he and his friend went to years ago. We watch as the party cruise ship sails in. It’s a double storey glass walled ship. The bottom level has a bar and is purely for dancing, judging by the empty wood/carpet floor. Upstairs looks like a chill out area to observe the sights. Suddenly Kevin cries, “Let’s get on that boat!”. We were all in business attire, but we were asian, so we looked young…. we were going to sneak on board.
What’s the password?
We meekly approached one of the widly dressed people, who was one of the organisers.
Kevin: We lost our tickets! They’re at home!
Wildy: Do you have your receipts?
Kevin: No, they’re at home as well
Wildy: (Getting suspicious) So tell me, how much were the tickets?
(I opened my mouth to say $40 but then Kevin butts in..)
Kevin: It was $35, right? (nodding head, serious look)
<< pause >>
Wildy: Have you seen the poster?? What did it look like?
Kevin: No, I havent seen the poster at all…
Alright alright you can get on.. just line up



We couldn’t believe it, Kevin was a guessing genius!!!! We were all giddy and full of excitement, like little kids let loose in a toy department. We got stamped and walked on board with anticipation…

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