Just dropping on by to have a dance with some friends.

[I was originally not planning to write a review and so no photos/videos were taken as I was pretty tipsy. I have no idea how I managed to get in. Then I just literally decided just now to write a review up at the end of the night, for record keeping sake… so it’s just a quickie]

Quickie: Taboo @ Civic Hotel (Level 1 Rooftop), Sydney 
Assessment Time: ~1:30 – 4:00AM
Opening Hours: Unknown – 4:00AM
Lockout: Unknown
Address: Level 1, 388 Pitt Street (Corner Goulburn Street), Sydney.
Venue Website: http://www.civichotel.com.au
Promoter Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/TabooSaturdays
Occurrence: Every Saturday night.
Outside Line: There was a line of about 12 guys and 1 girl upon entry. Keep in mind that this line is combined for both the Taboo event upstairs and “The Clinic” separate event happening downstairs. Took about 5 minutes before we got in.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Pretty okay door policay. I had my mini afro-wig on. Most people wore smart casual. Girls wore dresses and looked their best here. hats are also allowed here. Saw some gentlemen with hats.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $25 is the full cover charge. Apparently guestlists were still valid at this time, but I wasn’t acknowledged as on being the guestlist. I be sad.
Guestlist: taboo.saturdays@gmail.com
Inside: Just the upper level of Civic Hotel is used on a regular night.
Cloak Room: None.
Bar Prices / Line: Didn’t drink tonight, I already had pre-Christmas party drinks. Drinking four nights in a row isn’t good for me at all.
Bathroom Facilities: Not utilised.
Eviction Count: None spotted.
DJs: Unknown
Music Style: Mostly RnB, Top 40.
Crowd: Pretty much all Asian here, with less than a handful of Caucasians here. Ages ranged from 18 year olds to 30+ year olds I met. You can’t tell what is what anymore when you look at the Asian genes of youth.

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Bounce @ Slide Bar: Friday 23rd April 2010

On April 23, 2010, in RnB, Slide Bar, by James Tran
Bounce @ Slide bar - The podium

Bounce @ Slide bar - The podium

Walked by here last month and it looked alright – Asians and RnB blasting out from the doors. Promoters said it was a monthly event, so I decided to check it out next time it was on – finally tonight the night has arrived! I got on the guestlist and brang some friends – so here we go!

Bounce @ Slide Bar
Assessment Time: 10:30PM – 02:30AM
Opening Hours: 10:00PM – unknown (probably 4:00AM)
Lockout: We left at 2:30 and were advised of lockout. Safe to assume that lockout is at 02:00AM
Occurence: Once a month. Check facebook for details.
Address: 41 Oxford St, Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Standard collared shirt for guys, though it is ok to wear shirts. Stated that no hats were allowed to be worn, but I did see people wearing hats tonight.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free before 11pm if on guestlist. $10 before midnight. $20 Otherwise.
Guestlist: I found the facebook event and added myself to the Facebook guestlist.
Inside: This reminds me of a similar layout to The Bank at Kings Cross. Walk into an open floor to hold about two hundred people. The floor includes an elevated dance platform in which the tiles light up and change colours. Bar to the left. DJ in the far right corner. Overhanging the bar is a balcony for private functions and what not, to hold about 60 people.
Cloak Room: Cloak room available but was not utilised tonight.
Bar: Did not use the bar tonight.
DJs: DJ Slim, Edo, Bonniez
Music: RnB, Korean Pop.
Crowd: A rare night where everybody is Asian. Dominantly Korean. A mix of locals and international students.
Entertainment: Runway modelling show, and a dance off on the elevated podium area. MC Jayddup to keep things going.
Atmosphere: Initially on entering there wasn’t anyone dancing on the podium. Around midnight it picked up quick and stayed pretty busy the rest of the night. It got very packed at around 1-1:30AM. Dark atmosphere adds to the mood and the crowd was pertty into most of the songs. It was pretty good.

The crowd looks down to the dancefloor during the fashion parade

The Korean crowd looks down to the dancefloor during the fashion parade segment

Video: 360 View Taken during peak time, and everyone chants along:
YouTube Preview Image
Video: Dancefloor and 360 – You can see me as well :)
YouTube Preview Image

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Fridays @ Aurora Bar (May 15th 2009)

On May 15, 2009, in 3. Venues A-C, Aurora Bar, RnB, by James Tran

Aurora Bar quick review
The DJ started turning up the volume around 9pm.. and people danced until midnight closing time. It was contemporary  rnb music. Shame the tiny dance area, if you could call it that, would hold about only 15 people.  Strange that almost everybody upstairs was Asian. It felt like everybody from Privilege had moved to this smaller venue.

Quick Timeline
I was at Aurora Bar for after work drinks. I met an american guy and he forcefully shouted me drinks all night. I met some random girl doing a little breakmove dance – I forced her to teach me, and I failed. I bumped into an acquaintance – when a girl walked by he went up to her and SNIFFED HER HAIR! She absolutely freaked out and gave him a dirty. Rightfully so. He freaked me out too. Saw into a girl I went to tutoring with 9 years ago, she had no idea who I was even though I remembered her name.  I spilt red wine on my yellow shirt, and of a friend of mine. Bar staff were nice to give me some soda water to wash out the red wine stain.. but you could still see it! :(

I have no idea what other nights are like, but if you’re asian looking for Friday night drinks, and are a bit sick of Privo, this would be a nice alternative.

The next venue – – My state of mind.
My breath smelled like wine, yagerbombs, and tequila. I had spilled red wine on my yellow shirt. I had thrown out my old white hat and bought a new one the previous week, but that too was now dirty from rolling around on the pavement. Sadly I am at my dancing and charming best when I’m in this state of inebriation.

It was midnight and I was looking for a new place to dance.. lo and behold I see a place called Establishment..

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