I was at Shark Hotel and I heard music coming from the club upstairs! I had to check it out..

Back view of the floor at 12:30AM

Naked (Thursday nights) @ Space Nightclub (Shark Hotel), Sydney


Opening Hours:
9:00PM – 4:00AM

127 Liverpool St.
You need to enter Shark Hotel first on the 1st floor, and from there take another flight of stairs to the 2nd floor, where Space is.

Venue Website:

Event Website:


Every Thursday night since October (was at another venue prior to this)

Dress Code / Door Policy:
Anything goes. Casual is okay, everyone (almost everyone) is wearing t-shirts or whatever is comfortable. Singlets everywhere. Saw a guy in a bear costume as well as a backpacker wearing a pair of thongs. I had sneakers/jeans/shirt/jacket.

Entry Fee / Cover Charge:
Free entry all night.

See facebook page for info

Cloak Room:

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Greenwood Hotel Thursdays Dance area. DJ on the right. (12:50AM)

Greenwood Hotel Thursdays Dance area. DJ on the right. (12:50AM)

Finally, I have a Friday off work. I have decided to spend Thursday night visiting Greenwood Hotel, which apparently gets pretty busy. C was free as well, so off we went to check it out .. here we go!

Lining up: Thursdays @ Greenwood Hotel
Assessment Time: Midnight- 00:45AM
Address: 36 Blue St, North Sydney, NSW.
Venue Website: http://www.greenwoodhotel.com
Promoter Website: Appears to be self promoted.
Occurrence: Every Thursday
Outside Line: We waited for 45 minutes before giving up. For the poor souls who arrived here at around the midnight or just before midnight (i.e. Me and C), we are hoarded like cows to the line. The lining up area is a down sloping ramp which begins wide at about 8 people and narrows down to about 4 people wide. Being a special type of lining area that it is, without rope or restrictions on how the people flow, it kind of became a moshpit, where little pushy bitches of girls push in and the guys silently complain. More details below.
Dress Code / Door Policy:
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: No guestlists are taken here. It’s one shared line, and free entry all night.
Inside: I didn’t get to go inside tonight, but based on previous encounters during the day and from what C told me tonight: Walk straight into the front courtyard where a DJ stand is setup in the middle, with people. The building itself is in a C shape formation, with 3 bars inside. The dance area is enclosed by the three sides of the hotel. DJ is inside as well. Out back is the courtyard for smoking, relaxing, chatting, whatever.
Music Style: Dominantly Commercial / Contemporary House. There are some RnB mashups as well, but are ony short samples taken. There is also a second DJ inside the chapel playing RnB, according to the website.
Crowd & Ratio: “I’m getting my L plates next week”… “You need 86 UAI to get into commerce, I hope I get in” … these were the lines overheard while lining up. Its become clear that you are amongst a dominantly young teenage crowd. For tonight, most are local Aussie teenagers. I saw one young Asian guy lining up but that was it really, in terms of the ethnic make up in line.
Atmosphere: Didn’t go inside, but from what I could see from outside, people were dancing away in the courtyard, but not too vigorously. They look like they are just swaying their arms and bodies around. Ok, so they can’t dance so well, but we clubbers all were once like that. C (who went inside) reports that the bars on the inside were not that packed at all, and that everyone could have been easily let in without problem. It was just the outside courtyard dance area at the front and drinking areas at the back that were busy. It is possible the venue isn’t licensed to hold more patrons, but I’ve seen other regular drinking nights where it has been packed out.
Video: 180 of the DJ area. Taken from the back of the crowd:
YouTube Preview Image

Taken from the front:
YouTube Preview Image

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Macquarie Hotel Liverpool

Macquarie Hotel, Liverpool Sydney

I’ve never been to Liverpool – There’s three clubs I know of in this area – Collingwood, NOX and Macquarie. A friend constantly raves about Macquarie Hotel, so I rounded up some local friends, and off we went – Here we go!

Pure @ Macquarie Hotel Sydney
Assessment Time: 11:30PM – 03:00AM
Opening Hours: Unknown – 03:00AM
Lockout: No lockout
Website: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=226724078936 , http://www.macquariehotelliverpool.com.au/
Address: 269 Macquarie St, Liverpool Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual shirts and casual shoes allowed, and is what almost all the guys are wearing. Girls are dressed up and looking pretty. Hats are not allowed to be worn inside.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: None.
Inside: Walk inside to the gaming area. Bar to the right for the area. Keep walking into the main bar area where the bar is also to the right. Bar area has various tables and chairs, and is carpeted. Following up is a strip of patch and a set of lounges. Past the row of lounges is the dancefloor, with overhead convertible roof. Dancefloor to hold about 150 people. Side room to the left for smoking, if the overhead roof was closed. There is also a secondary entrance on the right corner of the dancefloor. See video for more.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $7.50 for a shot of tequila.
DJs: DJ Dee.
Music: RnB all night, with about 20 minutes of house/trance from 02:30-02:50AM
Crowd: The majority of people here are asian. There are pockets of wogs and other nationalities. Most people are local asian teenagers. There are some older folk well in their 20’s but were the minority.
Entertainment: MC to keep things going
Atmosphere: The dancefloor was pretty much packed the entire night, but too packed – pretty much Bamboo like. The rest of the club was also bustling the entire time. Kind of dark as well, which was good in a way. People are smoking everywhere on the dancefloor thanks to the open roof. You are unable to escape it.
Video Walkthrough
YouTube Preview Image

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