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On November 29, 2013, in Studio One (Star Bar), by James Tran

There was a low point in my clubbing career that we frequented Star Bar all the time. The humidity, the seedy crowd, the sticky floors, the fights.. it was all a bit too much for us and Marty and I exercised a 1 year self imposed ban on Star Bar.. this in turn helped me discover better nightclubs in Sydney.

Now Star Bar has undergone its biggest renovation since the renaming from Planet Hollywood in the 90’s. Star Bar has renamed it’s nightclub level to Studio One, and it’s about to officially launch 7th December. Since Studio One is already open to the public, I thought I would go in for a sneak peek the week beforehand:

New things

– As you walk up the stairs the huge central dome seating area is gone. There is more seating in its place but it flows better.
– The main bar is now on the left, and no longer the one at the far end of the club
– The decor is modern, with tables and chairs all one even platform instead of tables and chairs being in separate lounges/groupings
– Remnants of 1990’s Planet Hollywood are pretty much all gone and have been literally ‘shelved’ into the back of a wall
– The dance floor is purposely been made sunken (via the trickery of raising the rest of the seating areas) so there is a proper segregation of the dancing area from the seating areas.
– A new, third, bar has been created on the top floor.

Video – 29th Nov 2013
Friday Night @ 1:30AM
YouTube Preview Image

I think it’s a definite improvement but at the same time it is shedding its image of being a free club to go to, with upcoming events promising cover charge / cover fee to enter. You will still be able to access the ground level for (I’m guessing) cheap drinks, but the upper club that is Studio One will be a separate money-making entity. The stratagem will likely push away the tight arses / backpackers to other free entry clubs nearby such as Cheers/80 Proof, 3 Wise Monkeys, Bar Century, Shark Hotel etc nearby.

It will be interesting to see how it goes.

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