Exams are done, and we bought tickets to Shogun! So excited! Was surprised that it was at Manning Bar because its such a small place, but that helps because it is the University we attend; So got some predrinks and off we went!


love from the front


Venue: Level Two, Manning House (Manning Bar), University of Sydney
Price: $50 at the door. $40 First Release (I think that’s how much I paid)
Crowd: Only fans were here of course. A big number of them are Asian. Ratio was like 7 guys per girl or something crap like that. It didn’t really matter because people were here for the music.
Inside Well, it turns out they got rid of all the chairs and tables inside Manning Bar; which left plenty of room for people to stand around. They also closed the curtains which helped with the atmosphere. Probably about 400-500 people in there.

Shogun has a lot of dude fans


Skipped the first two pre acts and came in halfway through MarLo’s set (drunk as well). By now the place was pretty much at capacity. The vibe is pretty damn good. Everyone is singing along to the tunes, but I would have expected more to dance along, but I guess not. Lots of fist pumping and hands in the air moments throughout.

I thought I was an EDM fan but I met a lot of people who are doing the entire EDM circuit for every act that is visiting Sydney. Really dedicated fans of the music. That’s freaking hardcore.

Selected video moments from MarLo’s and Shoguns set:

YouTube Preview Image

Night ended with Shoguns set at 1:00AM. I was literally so hungry and so tired from yelling and jumping around. I wanted to collapse and die. Shogun went through like 4 Red Bulls through his set or something he was smashing it down.

Meeting Shogun

blurry photo with shogun! :(

We got to get a quick photo with him. But the girl couldn’t work the focus on the Camera and now it’s all blurry! Boohoo. He also flirted crazy with the girl with us. I mean if you’re an international DJ, why not.

Anyway, Shogun told us he was going to Space Nightclub to check out the “shanghai nights” event. Well we went there and he didn’t show up. LOL we got dogged hard by Shogun. At least they were playing EDM there as well.


A pretty good night considering the price. Really good value; couldn’t pass it up!

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