Everyone is working on Friday, except for me and another unemployed friend. So let’s go clubbing on Thursday and spend what little money we have left – always a great idea! So headed to Kings Cross and looked for some places to go. Trademark looked dead when we entered, so we changed to Sapphire Lounge. It looked pretty dead as well from outside, but it was smaller, so it might be a cosier atmosphere. That’s the thinking anyway. Paid our cover charge and in we went – here we go!

Crowd: 12:15AM

Flaunt @ Sapphire Lounge, Kings Cross, Sydney (Under new promoters)
Assessment Time: 11:25PM – 2:05AM 
Opening Hours: 9:00PM – 4:00AM (according to Facebook anyway)
Lockout: Unknown
Address: 2 Kellet St, Sydney, Kings Cross. http://g.co/maps/ex79j
Venue Website: http://www.sapphirelounge.com.au
Promoter Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Postman-Productions/193173984047360 (This event is no longer run by Urban Agent) 
Occurrence: Every Thursday night. Formerly run by Urban Agent the past few years, we have actually stumbled upon the “re-launch” of the “Flaunt” nights, this time run under the new promotions company Postman Productions. Tonight was the second week of “Flaunt” under Postman Productions.
Outside Line: No line as we entered.
Dress Code / Door Policy: Smart Dress Code is encouraged. Hats are allowed in here. Most girls wear pretty dresses, and guys in general are looking good. There are some suits and casually dressed people as well (i.e. me), but this was no issue in getting us through the door.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 if not on guestlist. According to poster, entry is free before 10:30. Unsure if guestlist is required.
Guestlist: According to the promotional poster send emails to djtikelz@hotmail.com for birthday packages. Yes, it is the DJ.
Inside: The entrance is on Kellet St, just around the corner from the kebab store, its quite easy to miss. It’s a small entrance to a small club. Walk in past the cloak room to enter the main room, where there is a bar on the left manned by 2 staff. On the right are 3 separate lounge areas as well as one behind you to seat about 8 people each.

Continue the walk to enter the dancefloor area which could hold about 20 people comfortably. At the very front is the DJ booth on the left, and on the right is the largest of the lounge areas, which has lounges dotted on the far end walls to seat a small party of 20 or so people. The second room is one flight of stairs down and contains a smaller bar (unmanned tonight) and serves more as a re-entry point for patrons as well as a chill-out area. Nobody really is here at all, and its cordoned off later in the night.

Cloak Room: $5 per item
Bar Prices / Line: $7 cocksucking cowboy shots (3x). 2x Long Island Teas @ $18 each. $5 Alize lemonade (x2, before 11PM only) $9 Alize Lemonade (after 11PM) 3x Southern Comfort Apple Juice ($21). There are also $5 cocktail specials before 11PM but I didn’t buy any cocktails.
Bathroom Facilities: Pretty clean and well kept tonight.
Eviction Count: None seen.
DJs: Tito was mentioned by the MC during my time here. Others that are listed in the poster are: Moto, Lyrikz, R-Kayz, Reklezz
Music Style: Mostly contemporary modern RnB/ Top 40 music.
Crowd: Mostly local Aussie and Euro crowd. Ages range from 18 year olds who came from their year 12 formal to late 20 year olds having a late one after work. There are a handful of folk here above 30/40 as well.
Ratio: There were more guys than girls here, though all the girls were prettyful to make up for it.
Entertainment: MC Mistah Cheekz.
Atmosphere: Upon entry it looked pretty bleak (11:45AM) there were about 20 people counted. But by about half an hour later, the population literally doubled to 40 and the small floor has appeared busy. It’s also very dark in here to match the ‘classy’ atmosphere, so its hard to distinguish who is who, or find your friends quickly despite it being a small club. It also, I suppose, makes it easier to express your dancing without feeling too embarrassed. Music isn’t too loud to blare out conversations but it is loud enough for a dance out in the front.
YouTube Preview Image

Nothing really special to experience except that there was a really drunk guy dancing around. Surprised he didn’t get kicked out. He was seriously swerving and hugging and being a serious drunk, but he was a friendly one. I like friendly drunk.

I was expecting a lower turnout (it was pretty dead when we got in) but later as it picked up it was a little bit better than I anticipated.

Left as the girls were a bit bored (well there were only so many people you could perve on), and wanted to go to a strip club. Oh well.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation
For a Thursday it was a respectable turn out but the crowd only picks up after midnight. The drinks are a little pricy as well abut that is to be expected from the classier like bars. I would get my pre-drink on somewhere else around then come here later for a dance when it is a little busier at around midnight.  5.5/10


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