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Hung out at Shark after going to Haymarket and Bar Century earlier for a dance.

Got into Zaia @ Space Nightclub upstairs after 3AM, where the promoters have somewhat disappeared from the entrance, so we got free entry. There were still a number of people here.

Most of the kids here lost their energy and were sitting or standing around. A handful dancing in the big rnb room and a few more in the trance room, whose dancefloor has been resized to double the old configuration. More lighting effects in the tranceroom as well. There has not been much changes to the rnb room – Except for a large cage in the middle for the attention whores. Here’s a video walkthrough:


I was still in my suit but I managed to hold up in the Trance room. I miss shuffling. Considering I just got in here, I still had heaps of energy and was going at it like mad and everyone looks at me with awe. I am sure they were hard at it earlier in the night. Apparently it is extremely packed earlier in the night, which is suffocatingly not cool.

anyway last week at Shark Hotel (no entry was written for this) I met a girl, we agreed to hang out, and I asked her out for dinner. On the night of said date, she bailed as she was “lesbian” and “didn’t date guys”. Fine. So I moved on. Well tonight, guess who I see – yes, it was said lesbian hanging out with guys! She saw me, we said hello how are you, and she walked away. Tonight I was sober – and let me tell you, while I was chatting with her, i was thinking “thank god she cancelled on me.”

We were here for an hour before it closed at 4AM.

I can imagine coming here and it being like bamboo but on a larger scale – just really packed with nowhere to go, just like a few years back when Sir3n promoted Space. So, if you love squishy places, come here.

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One Response to Dropping by: Zaia (Grand Opening) @ Space Nightclub: Friday 30th July 2010

  1. James says:

    so we tried to sneak in after 3AM last Friday again, but promoters and security have caught on and no longer disappear conveniently, and stay put through to 4AM. I have no doubt this review may be the cause of that, and I can only blame myself for it. :(

    Some things are just best left kept to myself 😉

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