Macquarie Hotel Liverpool

Macquarie Hotel, Liverpool Sydney

I’ve never been to Liverpool – There’s three clubs I know of in this area – Collingwood, NOX and Macquarie. A friend constantly raves about Macquarie Hotel, so I rounded up some local friends, and off we went – Here we go!

Pure @ Macquarie Hotel Sydney
Assessment Time: 11:30PM – 03:00AM
Opening Hours: Unknown – 03:00AM
Lockout: No lockout
Website: ,
Address: 269 Macquarie St, Liverpool Sydney
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual shirts and casual shoes allowed, and is what almost all the guys are wearing. Girls are dressed up and looking pretty. Hats are not allowed to be worn inside.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: Free all night.
Guestlist: None.
Inside: Walk inside to the gaming area. Bar to the right for the area. Keep walking into the main bar area where the bar is also to the right. Bar area has various tables and chairs, and is carpeted. Following up is a strip of patch and a set of lounges. Past the row of lounges is the dancefloor, with overhead convertible roof. Dancefloor to hold about 150 people. Side room to the left for smoking, if the overhead roof was closed. There is also a secondary entrance on the right corner of the dancefloor. See video for more.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $7.50 for a shot of tequila.
DJs: DJ Dee.
Music: RnB all night, with about 20 minutes of house/trance from 02:30-02:50AM
Crowd: The majority of people here are asian. There are pockets of wogs and other nationalities. Most people are local asian teenagers. There are some older folk well in their 20’s but were the minority.
Entertainment: MC to keep things going
Atmosphere: The dancefloor was pretty much packed the entire night, but too packed – pretty much Bamboo like. The rest of the club was also bustling the entire time. Kind of dark as well, which was good in a way. People are smoking everywhere on the dancefloor thanks to the open roof. You are unable to escape it.
Video Walkthrough
YouTube Preview Image


I’m not a teenage dirtbag
One of our friends is 19, and when she walked into the club with us, probably every 3rd person she saw said hello to her. Far out, this was land of the teens, and there was no end to it. Most of the asians here looked underage or barely legal, but luckily I have braces to fit in, ahaha. But yeah, this place is Asian Teen Central!

Back when I was your age
It was only a few years ago when people were allowed to smoke in clubs. Here, I was surprised to walk in and see people smoking in the middle and around the dancefloor! What the ?? Of course, I look up and the roof is partially open – it’s enough to warrant the area to be an outdoor area and to allow smokers to smoke, and more importantly, stay inside the club. I absolutely hate it because at the end of the night my skin and clothes are drenched in the smell of cigarette ash.

Security is everywhere
There is security everywhere. Was this place prone to fights? It’s a possibility, considering we had to be scanned to get in.. as well as the crowd being asian teens, and the locality of this place, being in Liverpool.

We are only allowed to dance on the dancefloor
We are having a little dance at the bar. Security man comes up and warns us that we are not allowed to dance here, and that we can only stand up normally at the bar. Man, far out! This place is strict.

So between the dancefloor and the bar area behind, there is a strip of tiled patch about 1 metre wide. We dance there instead, but within secondsm we are shooed away by the security personnel and told to dance on the dancefloor. My god, there is actually a dedicated security person to shoo away people from this little narrow path! I have a good look at him for 5 minutes and that is all he does the entire night – telling people to get off the tiled floor. He waves his water bottle around as his instrument of shoo-ing. Amazing job, but someone has to do it. Given, this area would have been way too packed to move around if that path was not there, not that it’s not packed enough already as it is.

Video: A very packed crowd singing along to Justin Beiber: (shameful)
YouTube Preview Image

Photo with DJ
DJ Dee actually came down and put her headphones on me for this quick pic. Awesome.

DJ Dee

DJ Dee at Liverpool club Macquarie Hotel

Not allowed to touch her ass
Chatting to 2 fat girls at the bar. One fat girl told me off for touching her friends ass. Now I swear to whoever god you believe in, I did not touch her ass. I had no reason to! 5 minutes later, the accuser is randomly making out with a random horny dude, and he is touching her ass. DOUBLE STANDARDS BITCH!

Jockeys can dance
Near the end of the night there was a tiny bit of room for everyone. We met a white Aussie jockey and he danced with us. He was a tall jockey, but still shorter than me =) He wanted to go to Collingwood or NOX afterwards. Tempting, but I have friends to drive home. Booyah.

with Jockey man

with Jockey man, M

Left at 3:00AM where they kicked us all out.

It appears that this event is only promoted every few weeks, so do check if it is on before coming, otherwise you will catch Macquarie on a ‘dead’ night (so I have been told) and not enjoy your night. Otherwise if you are in the Liverpool area and can’t be bothered to go to the city for your rnb fix, it’s worth checking out, and since it’s free entry, there is nothing to lose. Probably the big downer for me tonight was the open smoking policy inside. This can’t be helped, as I assume that if the top roof was closed, then the place would have been stuffy as hell.

Pure @ Macquarie Hotel – 6.5/10

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