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With a bartender. It's easter long weekend!

Spending tonight at Surfers Paradise, and tonight the venue is The Bedroom! So here we go!

Saturdays @ The Bedroom

Assessment Time: 10.30pm – 3:00am
Opening Hours: 10:00pm – 5:00am
Lockout: 3:00am lockout for clubs up in the Gold Coast
Website: http://www.thebedroom.net.au
Address: 26 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast Queensland, Australia
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual was ok. Jeans at a minimum. A female friend of mine was able to get in wearing thongs / flip flops / Havianas / whatever you want to call them / sandals.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15
Guestlist: Do submit via the website. Events are on everyday I think.
Inside: On entering, there is a lounge and bar to the right. Stools and area for about 50 people. In front and to the left is the second bar, DJ and dancefloor to hold about 200 – 300 people. Carpeted areas around as well to hold more people. Podiums spotted around and beds. Along two walls are VIP ‘beds’ of single and double/queen size variety. These need to be booked in advance via the website. Late in the night the beds are open for all when everyone leaves.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: No recollection of prices
DJs: TyDi was the special guest DJ for tonight for an hour. At the moment he is Australia’s #1 DJ.
Music: House
Crowd: Caucasian – mix of locals and tourists. Handful of asians and other nationatlities.
Entertainment: Waitresses dressed in bunny ears for Easter and on top of this, corsets and super short skirts / and or lingerie. Enough said, and TyDi was coming tonight!
Atmosphere: Cockfest at first then around 11-11.30 it seriously picked up and got packed. Good ratio afterwards.

DJ booth at The Bedroom Nightclub Gold Coast

DJ booth at The Bedroom Nightclub Gold Coast

Walkthrough around 10:30pm. It’s dead at the moment but it does pick up later.
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360 view
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Podium victory
I have managed to find myself standing on one of the front podiums. Here at The Bedroom, everyone is up for a party, and so everybody wants a go at the podium. So right now, I am standing with 3 other people on a small podium. I didn’t like this sharing of space, so in order to get rid of the two girls, I spoke to them. I was being pretty sleazy and they soon left the podium. There was now one guy left. I pushed him to the girl at the front and they shortly started making out and left the podium. Blah, I really am a matchmaker. Well, it’s just me now, so I do my little dancing around.

Someone tries to steal my podium!
A group of indian dudes are lurking at the podium and send one of their own to dance with me. Then he slowly tries to push me off with his ass! His ass is pushing me closer and closer to the edge, and when I realised what was happening, I wasn’t too happy. I went up to the front of the podium, and just danced just a little better than he did – arms and legs flying around. That’ll show him. So much so that the poor dude had no way to get in front of me at all. HA! So he left and nobody else dared tried to take my precious podium. I got bored of being awesome, and so I left the podiumt..

Is she a mum or something more?
Let’s play a game. Dance with as many randoms as possible. The first few were total fails. Then suddenly I spotted a 30 something year old dancing on her own. We dance and pretty soon locking lips. I think it’s time for introductions:

J: Im James
Mum: I’m Mum. How old are you?
J: 26
Mum: Oh, I’ve dated a 28 year old
J: Oh really ??
Mum: Yes! Actually, I have four kids. My eldest son is 26…. and he has a child too!

OMGWTFBBQ. I am hooking up with a grandma!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!

J: Oh wow. How old are you?
: I’m 52 years old

HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!! DOUBLE MY AGE!! My own mum is 56!!! Right now I’m speechless.. Have I committed a moral crime?  Certainly this couldn’t get any better or worse??

J: What are you doing in a club?
GrandMum: Just dancing. I’m recovering from cancer – my hair is just a wig.

Great… she is telling me her entire life story now. At this point in time, I have pretty much lost all shame, and keep up with the courtship. I SWEAR SHE LOOKED AT MAXIMUM 36 YEARS OLD. Certainly got me fooled, as other guys were trying to hit on her all night as we danced. Amazing. I wonder if I will be still clubbing at 52. I would definitely need a wig of some sort at that age to fit in more. Or when I’m 52 I could just check out all the RSL’s and hook up with random nonagenerians and centenarians. I seem to be well on my way.

The TyDi set

I was busy macking on my girl but from what I could remember, it was pretty awesome set – nothing to complain about and whole crowd just kept going and going.

We left at 3am, TyDi had already finished his set, and the crowd was getting more and more sausage like.

Music was excellent. My asian friends didn’t like it. So only come of course if you’re into house/electro whatever you want to call it. Crowd was generally pretty friendly as well. Combined with a pretty good venue for clubbing and TyDi, The Bedroom is 8.5/10


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