Sin City Lounge and Nightclub Surfers Paradise

Sin City Nightclub Gold Coast

It was panic after booking the plane tickets – Clubs in Sydney were closed on Good Friday. But what relief to find out the clubs in Surfers Paradise all opened after midnight – score! So off we went to Sin City nightclub – here we go!

Easter Good Friday @ Sin City Nightclub
Assessment Time: 12:30-3:00am
Opening Hours: 12:00am-5:00am (Special opening times due to Good Friday)
Lockout: 3:00am
Address: 22 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
Dress Code / Door Policy: Casual ok.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $15 standard. $10 or possibly cheaper on guestlsit
Guestlist: See website. They have events everyday to which you can submit guestlists to.
Inside: Walk in with a bar on the left with podiums for girls and tables. On the right is the main dancefloor and DJ area. Dancefloor holds about 100-150 people. Elevated platforms around the columns. Balcony like area, and second bar as well on the far end. VIP lounges in the back corner. Everything is carpeted except for the dancefloor.
Cloak Room: None offered.
Bar: 12 Tequila sunrises and 12 Chatreuse shots for a total of $243
Music: A mix of modern rnb and commercial house. There is also some top 40 music.
Crowd: Being surfers paradise, mostly backpackers or people holidaying this weekend up in the Gold Coast. Most are of caucasian background.
Entertainment: All the waitresses are dressed in corsets and really short skirts / lingerie. Enough said. There are also permanent podiums for dancing on.
Atmosphere: Considering it was Good Friday, did not expect a big turnout, but since it *was* Surfers Paradise – there were a billion backpackers looking for a place to party!
Video: 360 of Sin City
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No Photos of the waitresses
I was so excited that the waitresses were wearing lingerie so I took a photo of a waitress and she SNAPPED at me. “No photos, you have to ask” she yells at me. Fair enough. I deleted the photo and asked for a photo. “NO” she says curtly. How did I not expect that answer. So anyway, always ask before doing 😉

My hat is popular with backpackers
I am dancing with my friends, and not even 1 minute on the dancefloor, two girls have already asked to take a photo with me. Seriously, why? I am just wearing a hat. Well I seem to be the only one wearing one in here, but I found it strange they wanted a photo with me. It might be their pick up line, but they didn’t want to talk to me after the photo. Really really strange.

Later throughout, random people just pluck the hat and put it on and dance with it. It’s for me to give out to others, not for you to pluck! Way too many men chose my hat for my liking that night.

We are hanging out in the dancefloor and suddenly a fight broke out, right next to us! Usually in a fight you step back 5 or 6 steps. This one turned from a fight of 2 or 3 people to a 5-8 peron brawl, requiring as many steps back as possible. It was going off for a good 20 seconds before security jumped in to save the day. It was one of the most vicious brawls I’ve seen in a nightclub, probably because we were right next to it. A minute later, everyone is happily dancing again.


ladies only on the podium

Ladies only on the podium - SEXIST!!

This sign says it all – total sexism!! Well, I got up anyway, for a photo.

dancing on the podium sin city

Take THAT you sexist nightclub!!

We left due to too much drinking.

Atmosphere of this place is very good, and the crowd is pretty friendly. Good music for everyone here also adds to the atmosphere. Cheap entry too.

Sin City Fridays – 8.0/10

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