I won’t go into a detailed blog, but I’ll just put this story down which basically ruined my night:

Friend and I are in a group of girls dancing. I am close with one girl and he is close with another girl.

Suddenly, a bisexual girl that I met last year ppears. Last year, my friend narrowly almost hooked up with her, but I hooked up with her instead, and I didn’t call her the next day, per se.  She wasn’t the best looking girl in the world.

She says hello, and tries to grind with me. I don’t want to. She hangs around, not going away.  After about 30 minutes she has somehow worked her way into the group and is now the star of the group of girls. Long story short, after another 30 minutes, she is making out with the girl i was dancing with originally!

OMG I just had my grass cut by a lesbian!! I Hate Lesbians!! Has this ever happened to someone else on the face of this planet? My god. So I am left there with my blue balls. The rest of the night was ruined and I was in a state of shock…. FML

On top of this, lesbian had brang a friend, and that friend, too kissed my friend’s girl. So it was a double whammy. We were no longer men.

Karma is a bitch. Always call the girl the next day if you don’t want this to happen to you.


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One Response to Star Bar Lesbian Karma Story – Saturday 17th October 2009

  1. biggy smalls says:

    bitch… i rode up in the club and i was like ‘shorty, buy me a drank and get these hoes off my back’ i had myself a hennessey and long island ice tea and i was like this club is jumpin kid.

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