We were up in the gold coast, and a friend organized a club to visit –  The Bedroom. Heard it was good, so here we go!

The Bedroom Nightclub Review

Assessment Time: 11:30pm – 02:30am
26 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD
Website: http://www.thebedroom.net.au
Door Policy
: Casual OK. We were 10 asian guys and 4 girls, and had no problems getting in. No security scan.
Entry Fee/ Cover Charge: $10. Free on guestlist. God it’s a bargain here compared to $20/$25 in Sydney – I love it.
Guestlists: Send to the Marketing Manager – http://www.thebedroom.net.au/contact.html
Inside: Walk downstairs to a bar on the right, a seating area. Dancefloor and DJ on the left. Beds line the walls of the place, representing the VIP reserve areas. Dancefloor is of normal size to hold 100-150 people. There is another bar at the back as well and more standing areas to socialise. There are 3 or 4 podiums scattered around the dancefloor which surround the poles. There were even flashing tiles on the floor. This place had a bit of everything! Well thought out, I am impressed.
Crowd: Mixed, but mostly euros and aussies.
Music: House.
Atmosphere: Busy and loud on the floor. Everyone is dancing, its generally a very good vibe:
Closing Time: 5am
Video: Once we entered I had a look around:

YouTube Preview Image

A dance buddy comes to visit
Ly had come down from Brisbane to join me in some dance tonight. (We met at Brooklyn Hotel in Sydney 3 months ago). So we just went around trying to dance with every girl we could lay our eyes on. Needless to say we didn’t get far, but we did have an awesome time dancing around. The music was good, no complaints and atmosphere was enough to turn any depressed maniac into a dancer. It wasn’t dead and it wasn’t too packed to not be able to move around – it was a good balance.

Main dancefloor for The Bedroom Nightclub Gold Coast

Main dancefloor for The Bedroom Nightclub Gold Coast

Dancefloor lights – check them out:
YouTube Preview Image

She invited me up, I rewarded her by spilling drinks on her.
I was dancing, and she saw me from a balcony. I beckoned her down, but she wanted me to come up. So I came up and we danced. Sadly her boyfriend was right next to her. Grr. Why are they always using me as jealousy bait? anyway we took some photos, and I accidentally (I swear it was an accident) swiped a drink and it spilled on her dress.

Well, after spilling the drinks, that was time for me to leave. Everyone else was tired from the 3 hours of dance.

I would come here again. Very good venue at a cheap entry price.

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