Saturday 2nd May 2009 –

A friend of a friend’s birthday at Cargo Bar.


We find a spot at te very front of the dance area – right in front of the speakers. It was really loud, and I’m sure my friends were experiencing it too, but the logistics to move your friends from one area to another was far too great to even bother.

The logistics of moving friends

Parameters: All men
Approach: Tell them all to ‘move’ somewhere else, helps if you mention ‘more chicks’.

Parameters: Mixed men and women
Approach: Tell the men to ‘move’ somewhere else, helps if you mention ‘more chicks’. Women possibly to follow.

Parameters: All women
Approach: Don’t bother. What a hassle moving all their handbags.

I am recognized by a girl I had danced with.. 20 months ago
I say hi to the birthday girl. Her friend looks at me. I look back at her. She has a face of realisation and she screams:

“Hey! Oh wow hi!! Yeah I know whatsherface! Yeah – I remember Bar 333!!”

I had no idea who she was. I’ve danced at Bar 333 twice, and only the first time did I dance with a group of Asian  girls. That was 20 months ago.

“I still have photos of you dancing in bar 333!!” she adds. So, I must have a very photogenic face for her to remember me after 20 months 😉 I made her promise to show me these photos one day.
The dance corner
Our little corner was where all these crazy dancers went. There were no girls, but we all dance well and saw some interesting moves to add to the set.
Sadly though it was in the corner, and not many people in Cargo could see the magic happening over here.

Left around 2.30am, very tired but content to get some proper dancing out of the system this week. Tried to get into Helm Bar but it was too late to get in.

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