(1st May 2009)
We had just been rejected at Trademark for apparently being too Asian… so we went over to Sapphire. We were advised in advance that it was dead inside.

“This is Captain James T. Tran of the USS Sydney Clubber. After our encounter with the Trademark Hotel xenophobia, we have set a new course to across the road – Sapphire Lounge. I ask all of you to prepare yourselves – set expectations to low!”

Sapphire Lounge (formerly Sapphire Suite)
Location: 2 Kellett St, Kings Cross
Website: http://www.sapphirelounge.com.au
Inside: Limited in area, the back half of the club is dedicated to compartmentalised lounge rooms. It’s not cramped, its very spacious and well done. The middle area has a normal sized bar, and at the front is the DJ booth and dancefloor. The floor could hold 25 people  comfortably.

DJ Booth - Sapphire Lounge

DJ Booth - Sapphire Lounge

P.Y.T Fridays
Slogan: “Party like its 1999”
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $15. Free before 11pm (Guestlist)
Guestlist: Unsure. Can’t really read the poster.
Door Policy: Casual allowed. T-shirts and regular sports shoes allowed. Hats unknown.
Crowd: Favouring Caucasians, but other nationalities welcome
DJs: Adriano, Will Fix, Tom Piper, Johnny B
Music: Classic RNB and contemporary House, but edited to keep out the crazy dance bits or rap bits. Since there was only one DJ, he constantly switched between the two genres every 5 or so songs. It was the dancing equivalent of foreplay or fondling but never getting to intercourse, then having a cigarette every 20 minutes and restarting again.
Atmosphere: People were either here to relax, or they were actually looking for a good time dancing but walked into the wrong place. We were the latter half. That said though, most people here had a go dancing. It was very dark, no flashing lights or fancy pyrotechnics, carpeted area (afai remember), music not at full blast either –  so it was pretty easy to get up and dance discreetly like a maniac, unlike Cremorne or Shark Hotel, where the lighting and centralised floor gets you get stared at. Overall, it was a very laid back affair. The only people whom you knew were staring at you was the security detail. This was definitely not a club.

View from the front

View from the front


Door Issues
“So how many of you are there?”.
“Just us five”.

A friend inside reported that it was “pretty dead”, with about 20 or 30 people inside. We were disgusted she had to confer with the bouncer to whether we were allowed in. We were going to increase the patronage of the club by at least 15%! We discussed in heated Asian, about how they could even possibly think about refusing entry to a group of well dressed people? Did they not want our money?? Eventually they let us in. The door policy here at Sapphire shits on Trademark for an honest dancer.

We entered around midnight, not expecting much, and our expectations were matched. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but inside was alright. About 15 people on the dancefloor, and another 15 or so sitting around the various lounges around the place. A blue hue from the bar eminates the whole place amongst the darkness.

I stomp on a girls toe.
The Dj started to play a favourite song of mine.  “This is where the Party’s at” by Tonite Only. I jumped right up and started jumping up and down with lots of energy.. stomp-like. Then I landed on a girls toes with full force. My god. I turned and apologized and she gave me the biggest dirty ever. It didn’t help that her boyfriend was next to her. I really couldn’t do much. She didn’t accept the apology at all. I run away in embarrasement to the amusement of my friends. I wonder if girls get trod on often at clubs.

an unfair ratio reversal
There was me and Brojo. 2 guys. Then there was about 12 girls on the dance floor. Enough said.

2 hours later when we left, it was the other way around.. oh well.


My friends wanted to go. It was only 1.30am, but there were more and more males coming in. We left, and threw curses at Trademark Hotel on the way out. We were still very bitter about the rejection 2 hours prior.

This would be a good place to relax with a partner, but not to party if you want loud music and contemporary beats.

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