Headed out for a dance with Special K (SK) at Brooklyn Hotel while friends went to Bamboo. SK didn’t want to go to Bamboo because of the entry fee – besides, Brooklyn was closer to her work. Why don’t backpackers ever try a paid entry club one time? Oh right, backpackers.

We checked out Jackson’s on George first, but geez we didn’t even last one minute there. The amount of strobing that they lay on your poor eyes is probably close to illegal levels (if there were such levels in place):

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The epileptic centre of Jackson’s on George , rnb level

Brooklyn Hotel
Address: Cnr George and Grovenor Streets | http://www.brooklynhotel.com.au
Music: RNB in the main room, tribal house / funky dance in the back courtyard.
Crowd: Mixed ages, mixed nationalities
Cover Charge / Entry fee: Free
Dress Code: Casual, hats allowed out back. Depending on the bouncer on watch, inside as well. SK was waring thongs!
Drinks: Special mention goes to the price of drinks which have gone up due to the recent alcopop tax I think $15 for a bottle of Smirnoff double black!! WTF! that’ s up from a typical $8 or $9 -.- At least the bar staff were nice enough to tell us about the price hikes. Well not that I drink that much but I suppose the $900 government stimulus would help some alcoholics out there. Between 8pm and 11pm though its $4 drinks for some house selections.


Music RNB: No complaints. Just a normal Dj paying tracks. I wasn’t paying much attention. He did interact with the crowd though, which was pleasing.

Music House: Same as above.

We got in around midnight, and it wasn’t that spectacular. Probably around 20 or 30 people. Around 1-2am, it reached its peak, where lots of people were coming in and were going out back as well. Atmosphere during these times were very good – everyone was having a bit of a dance or a snog.

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Brooklyn Hotel around midnight.

an Eastern European perspective on girls.
SK was amazed by how all the girls wore dresses – at the club, especially at a general normal club such as this! She was wearing casual jeans and a baggy t-shirt with flats. Very.. hot. She comments that at home the Czechoslovakian girls don’t really wear anything sexy or fancy at all. Sounds like a place to avoid for clubbing if I ever take that European trip.

Most of the time was just spent dancing around. We joined up to dance with another two girls and we all danced away in the main room til close. We went out back for a break but SK wasn’t really into the house music that was playing. I was going at it on the floor like a rabbit about to die from the latest virus going around. The crowd out back isn’t that large (about 5 to 10 people at any given time) and its because of this, that its quite friendly actually. It’s bizarre, but it gives a better experience.

We left our friends at 3.30am, happily danced out.

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