Two friends wanted to go Havana tonight, so I sent in a guestlist. Organisers even gave me a free booth! woohoo! So off we went!

Candy paint / Chocolate City
When: Every Friday Night
Entry / Cover charge: $25 general entry. Guestlist is free before 10:30 (chance of getting in before then is unlikely), $15 before midnight.
Attire: Casual accepted, including all hats.
Music: RNB
Crowd: Asian

Jason re-appears
Got in and the first thing I saw was Jason, the Korean bum dancer from the Bamboo events. He was up on the podium doing his thing. I later say hi to him but he doesn’t recognize me, as usual – he probably has hundreds of fans saying hi to him randomly. The last time we met clubbing, I was in a fully fledged santa suit. Tonight I was just plain James. I think he was wearing his favourite green striped polo shirt. He must be sponsored by the polo green striped division.

My booth gets stolen
The organisers – so nice of them, reserved me one of the lounge booths at the club. So, what a surprise that when we got into Havana, when there was no longer one for me. All the other lounges had “reserved for anna” “reserved for Ben”, etc etc… and there was two booths which had their “reserved for” signs pulled down. One of them was mine!!! GRRRR which one stole my booth!!?? I didn’t really want to start a confrontation, so I let it go. This was definitely karma getting back at me for what we did earlier this year – we pulled down the “reserved for Susan” sign then stole her booth.

The 4 of us chose a orner near the DJ and danced our socks off. The place was packed to the rafters – It was the first time this year that Havana was completely packed on the dance floor. We were literally stuck in our corner and didn’t have the freedom to move anywhere – so we were really restricted to limited dancing moves such as  swaying, and “raising your hands in the air”, which happened quite often.

Music was typically RNB, and I had no complaints. Most of the DJ’s mixed it up well, chopping out the boring bits.

Otherwise quite a good atmosphere if you love your music and your asians

C tries to hook me up
She intoduced me to a Chinese girl she met last week.. from Bamboo. She was cute. Not bad at all. I said hi, and that was that. Later C tells me she tried to get us two to hook up. It didn’t help that I had a scream mask on when we were formally introduced:

Posing with an unsuspecting clubber

Posing with an unsuspecting clubber

Waiting at the Cloak Room
Decided to leave at 2.25am and lined up.  There were about 12 people in line.  It took 50 MINUTES to get to my bag!!  It wasn’t really the cloak room’s fault. There were so many of those dodgy asians just pushing in or letting girls in front of them. I don’t care if you’re tired and want to go home. I’M TIRED AND WANT TO GO HOME TOO! I don’t care if you’re a girl. WHAT HAPPENED TO EQUALITY FOR ALL??? LINE UP BIZZATCH!! I don’t care if you’re pregnant. YOU SHOULDN’T BE OUT CLUBBING! (Ok, there was no pregnant chick but the previous did occur). In any case, the more people who pushed in, the more me and another guy got angrier and then finally he started to tell people off around us who tried to push in. It really tested our patience.

To make it worse, they started to play all my favourite West Coast 90’s rap music while I was stuck in line!! UGH!! The line was moving so slow, that the guy in front of us started falling asleep standing up. You know you’re in for a long ride when people fall asleep in the vertical position!  The staff even threw in another person to help alleviate the problems. It was a mess. I sent a letter of complaint the Monday after.


Still recommended for the asian rnb type clubber on Friday nights. Disrecommend using the cloak room at this point in time though

PS: Complaint: I sent a form al complaint later and was told that the regular cloak room staff were not working that night, however got no acknowlegement of what they were to do with the folk who were pushing in. As a form of saying sorry, I was also given 3 free all night passes to the Candy Paint / Chocolate City event next Friday, which was very nice of them again, but sadly I didn’t have time to take up the offer even though I was planning to go again!

Throughout the night I was wearing this thing

Throughout the night I was wearing this thing

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