Friends want to go to Dragonfly for a birthday. A group of 10 asians try to go into Dragonfly on a saturday night? Ha!!!

To my surprise, we are stopped before we even reach the line – “Are you on the guestlist?” Of course not.. “sorry, can’t let you in”. At least they didn’t wait until we lined up to get rejected for wearing too much Asian. Meanwhile, a bunch of other men just walk up past us and line up uninterrupted, then get in.

So Plan B:

Moulin Rouge!
Location: 39 Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross, New South Wales 2011
Inside: Entry takes you down a set of stairs to a well decorated set of rooms. It is exactly as it is.. a moulin rouge like lounge, down under beneath the street. A nice venue, but a little small dancefloor size wise.

About Moulin Nights
Music: House
Crowd: Mixed. Asians, Euros, Aussies, Backpackers
Dress Code: Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee:  $20, but me and Henry got asked for $15. Weird as we didnt claim a guestlist.
Occurrence: Every Saturday
Atmosphere: Packed. Loud.

Timeline + Early Coda

1. the birthday girl left to go to another club and didn’t join us at Moulin!?
2. everyone paid $20 to get in, except Henry and I.
3. These guys weren’t much into House music, especially this non-commercial/non vocal house.
4. A very small dance pit area.

This pretty much meant that we left after 30 minutes. Disappointed.

We ended up going to Shark hotel (There was literally ONE drunk guy dancing. I danced with him for a bit much to the amusement of the entire audience of 50 men and 4 women), then Cheers afterwards (Smelly as usual)

NB: This was my second time here. First time was during xmas 2007, but was not blogged about.. I had a general good time and pretty much stayed the entire night.

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  1. James says:

    Moulin Rouge / The Rouge has closed its doors due to disagreement with the 3AM lockout. RIP

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