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On September 20, 2008, in Breaks, Chinese Laundry, House, RnB, by James Tran

another birthday – destination Chinese Laundry. The weekly event The Club Club is on.

About Chinese Laundry
Location: 111 sussex st, Sydney
Website: (Slip Inn)

About ‘The Club Club’

Music: House, Breaks, rnb mashup over 3 rooms
Crowd: Young
Dress Code: Casual accepted
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: $20
Occurrence: Every Saturday

Atmosphere: Packed and loud. Hot and dark in the main and break room. Relaxed in rnb room.
Getting in
Unlike last week where we just turned up, this week there was a guestlist made by birthday girl and we didn’t wait that long to get in, though we still had to wait as we turned up just after midnight.

We went into the main room, which was packed to the rafters. The music being electro house. We got our own spot, but it was really dark (literally couldn’t see the people next to us as there were no lights) and it got HOT.. very quickly. We didnt last 5 minutes before leaving. Same story for the breaks froom despite the two huge fans. We went to the rnb room.

The rnb room was much better.. there was actually room to dance but it wasn’t a party atmosphere, as all the lights were on, and was basically the room to cater for the people who don’t know their house music, so an rnb house elctro mashup would be a good introduction. Not surprisingly, this is where us and some other random asians hung out for the entire night.

Creepy guy
Creepy old guy comes and joins our circle without invitation. Fine. He then talks to the girls. Fine. But doens’t talk to us. Not so fine. The girls excuse themselves and it was us 3 guys and the creepy guy. In this particular scenario he should walk away, but instead stays in our circle and keeps dancing. Oh god. The moment he turned his head to the left I immediately left the circle and so did Peter, leaving poor an stuck in a 2-man circle with creepy man. We laugh as we watch an talk to the creepy guy. It took a good 5 minutes before he could shake him off.

I’m famous on facebook

Meet a friend of a friend of the birthday girl and he recognises me from facebook.

“You’re famous on facebook” he says. He tells me my name is James. I have no idea who he is. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to the photos of me dressed as a japanese school girl… but that’s another story. Though it is disturbing knowing guys are facebook stalking me.

A yes to coming here only with friends, but its a good place to go. Going alone, the people are mostly to themselves (I think anyway but I didnt really give talking to other people a try), but its a good place for the less common types house music. Though, Tank would probably be better if you’re a commercial house type of person.

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