Off to Cargo for a friend’s birthday.. (yes i know.. ANOTHER bar)

Cargo Bar
Event: Cool Runnings (based off the movie of Jamaican bobsledders)
Music: Reggae / RNB / House
Crowd: Mixed
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Guestlist only for Cool Runnings, free for downstairs general access
Occurence: Once off
Atmosphere: Fun

Timeline Upstairs
Almost rejected at the door.. what’s my name again?
A friend submitted a guestlist. So I walked up..
Cargo: Name on guestlist?
Me: Archimedes, under ______
Cargo: Archimedes… Last name?
Me: _______
Cargo: *flicks through* Oh do you want to be a Aristotle, or a Archipelago?

Me: lol, no?
Cargo: ..because your name is not here. (oh) Are you alone?
Me: Yes
Cargo: Alright, we’ll let you in, just show us your ID.
Me: (In the most casual of manners, hands over licence with the name ‘JAMES TRAN‘ written all over it)
Cargo: Ok, come in!

(Upstairs) Music and Atmosphere
Was here for Josh’s birthday. Upstairs was pretty busy .. both ends of the bar had dancers which was good. All the staff were wearing Dreadlock hats, Jamaican beanies, winter olympic bobsled outfits, fur coats.. it was in general a pretty fun atmosphere.  The music though, was sometimes questionable (well I didnt know the songs).. but provided for a fun loving cosy experience as it was mostly reggae or songs whose singers were from jamaica. most of the main crowd were for Josh’s birthday but it was only 9-10pm and so it was a good start, everyone there was jumping up and down.  We left at 10pm

Timeline (Downstairs)

At this point I was supposed to return to my friends who were drinking somewhere, but I wanted to check out the downstairs scene quickly. It was more subdued downstairs.. all the staff were normally dressed, and there were about 20 people on the dancefloor, dancing quite passively.

First approach
I danced but felt odd seeing a girl dance alone and not do something about it. After a song I told her how I thought it was brave of her to dance alone. She said she was actually waiting for a friend. Oh uh… made some small chat and said I’d leave once the friend came. Her friend came, and thank god, it was a girl. More small chat and moved on.

Mirror dancing with a girl
At the front the DJ booth is really shiny black – you can see yourself in the reflection. I danced and looked at my moves. A girl next to me copies me and it’s on, but she refuses to answer my questions, instead smiling. Fair enough. I advance, and she backs up, but her friends behind her push her back into me. Haha, my own little army of wingmen. Since she’s still not wanting to converse with me (but still wants to dance) I leave.

Drunk woman has a crack on me.. what was i thinking
At the bar with my glass of water and I turn around. Theres a woman on the wrong side of 30 looking at me with her man friend next to her. I smile and pull a small move. She responds and mirrors me. It’s on. She walks up to me and its straight into the body body grinding. She keeps telling me she has no idea what is going on. She responds incoherently to my questions… She’s drunk. Her man friend disappears – probably a random at the bar. After some awkward salsa moves (I really need some salsa lessons).. a bit of flirting.. I span her around a few times (probably a bad move in hindsight) … and we kiss.. all in about 5 minutes. Hallelujah for drunk girls.

Then she tell me she has to go to the bathroom to vomit…. hallelujah again. I should be distubed by now but my hormones were on overdrive…

Random drunk guy loves my hair
While she’s vomiting I dance with a guy who keeps touching the tips of my wig. So were two of his female companions. They were here for a hen’s night. After bout 10 minutes, the girl hasnt come out yet and this guy has touched my hair about 5 times, he is absolutely fascinated by it. I just give up and give him the hair to try. My gosh. His face beamed like a 5 year old child at christmas. He jumped around and approached every girl in visible sight, shook his hair and yelped, complete with beer in hand. One of the girls only noticed I took off the wig 5 minutes later. Funny blonde.

More dancing with the first set of girls
I returned to the two girls I first met, and they were still alone. They were very receptive and we danced it off. Amazingly, these two were the most energetic dancers I’ve met. The way they danced was almost exactly like me. They would do the silly retro moves, the house/rnb moves.. and were pretty keen on anything. They were like female versions of myself. Their names were Liz and Special K. As we danced, the girls seated were just staring at us.. silently jealous. Same with the circle of girls on the other side.. lol. Shame theres only one of me.

The manager spoils my fun with the drunk girl
After about 20 minutes she emerged from the bathroom. We chit chat, she’s all over me again. She says she wants to go home……… score.

We’re about to go, and some guy comes up and introduces himself to her as the Manager of Cargo bar. Fuck. Initially I thought it was some random guy, but I looked behind him – there were 5 or 6 bouncers behind him. WTF! Was i that menacing? He says to her that he wanted to check if she was ok. It was over. I left the situation and let her drunken responses take care of the rest.

Coda Cargo
After some more hectic dancing with Special K and Liz they suggested Bar 333, so we left. On the way there we bumped into 2 other cargo people who saw us dancing – Fadi and his girlfriend. They joined us onward..

About Fridays @ Bar 333
Music: House, Retro
Crowd: Mixed Older
Dress Code: Casual accepted, mostly smart casual
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Free
Occurence: Weekly
Atmosphere: Fun, but not much room for dancing

When we got in, the corner dance floor (about 5×5 metres) was packed so we took to the walkway towards the bar as the dancefloor. Last time I came to Bar 333 I danced here. Apparently Special K and Liz danced on the same area as well. These two were really the female versions of me.

Guys, upon guys, upon guys
A guy dancing with two crazy ass girls gets attention. There weren’t many other girls there that night but there were lots of guys. We all did our thing, and I had pretty much a few guys come up to me talking to me, using me to get to know the girls. At least buy me a drink!! lol. Met Josh the JT lookalike, some random guys at the bar, the bartender hi-5’s me, the turkish guy who’s been in sydney 2 weeks.. but no new girls. Interesting.

Pretty good classics played but there were some old songs I didn’t recognise.. I guess I’m not that old yet. All fun though.

Coda (Bar 333)
They kicked everyone out at 2.45.. by that time the corner dancefloor was empty, and it was only us 3 plus the JT lookalike dancing. Special K and Liz agreed to meet up again for more dancing in the future.

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