Me, Dez, Ben and Alexandria head to the Retro.

The Retro Hotel
Music: Retro, Rnb, House from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s
Location: 81 Sussex St
Cover Charge: Free before 9pm, or Free if you were dressed for the night’s theme. Otherwise it’s $20
Atmosphere: Party, fun
Crowd: Mixed nationalities, generally a bit older.
Dress: Casual and fun. Theme nights are held every Saturday.

We got there and paid $20. I thought it was $15, and so did Ben. Must’ve gone up this year. We got into the ground level floor and started to dance to the retro music playing. After a bit I wanted to check out the upper floors, I was really curious. Ben said ‘we’ll see after this song’. After this song, i asked again, he said “nah”. No fun.
We danced in our little circle of 4 for a few songs. Ben liked to bop and stuff, at least he wasn’t on the sideline which was good. But the girls looked bored.. so knowing Ben wasn’t going to do anything, I just played some grinding with Dez and her friend. Cool fun.

The DJ was whipping out some great retro tracks to dance along to. After about an hour he plays about 5 or 6 songs, and makes everybody sing along to each song, ending with Bohemian Rhapsody. He was offering a free drink to the best singer, which was why everybody was joining in. Fun!

I’m wearing a wig and yellow sunnies, ala Corey Delaney / Worthington. A guy sees me and wants to try the sunnies. He seems friendly. Sure. I give him the wig as well. He’s so stoked, him and his friend literally force me to dance with their hot girlfriends. They were happy but pretty surprised at my sudden arrival, preferring to dance with their manfriends. Haha fun times. I got to wear their Batman mask for a few songs. My gosh those things get hot.

They were even giving out glowsticks to everyone. It was nice.
Eventually Dez’ two hottie German friends came. When we were lining up to get back inside, the bouncer asked me how many drinks I had (I had one) He didnt believe me. I had to act really sober – my eyes were red and I tripped on the road while waiting in line. anyway the friends didn’t want to pay the $20 entry. Man !! So we went to nearby Cargo bar. I can’t be fucked writing up something for Cargo.



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