If you haven’t been:
Chinese Laundry is located at the Slip Inn bar, on the lower levels. It plays 3 styles of house music in 3 separate rooms. 1 upstairs, 2 downstairs.
Majority of the crowd was white. The electro room was the most crowded, while the upstairs slower house music was least populated, probably due to the bright lighting. Huge fans along walls to keep the crowd cool. Also air-con everywhere in the ceiling, however in the main room it was easy to heat up. Loungs were kept to a minimum and were generally separate / walled off from main dancing areas.

My Timeline
Was due to meet ange and her friend, but they got caught up in a birthday party and went to Red Room, a 90’s rnb style club, so I went alone.

Cover charge was $20. (thought it was $10/$15?). Went to the crowded electro room but I couldnt dance freely. It was mostly a jumping up and down affair with the banging of your head to the beat. Checked upstairs a but nobody was dancing yet. Upstairs had the smallest dance floor area. So I ended up in the darkier experimentalish-house room where there was a crowd, but it wasnt too crowded. There was enough room for me to go nuts.

I notice people guys looking at me dance. They must’ve thought I popped, but are seemingly impressed (I think).

I head upstairs and they’re playing a song that “1, 2, 3, 4… push it push it” song. I jump to the small floor, find a small space and go nuts. Right away 2 girls dance with me, their boyfriends watching along. A quick wave to the boyfriends, and they dont seem to mind. One of them is chuckling and declares that he loves me. Phew? I am introduced to all, but the only name I remember now is that of Graham.

GrahamGraham comes in and starts dancing. His main dance move was of a gorilla like stance moving forward. I imitated him by doing some freestyle laps of the imaginary pool that I was in, but I don’t think he got the joke and kept dancing like that. It was his style the rest of that entire night. I hung out with Graham and his crew most of the night.

1.30ish am until 3am close
I excuse myself and head downstairs. I dance for a bit and come back out. I walk by a guy and he stops me. He’s holding a beer and says to me: “CHECK THIS OUT!!!” and beckons me. He is facing a mirror. One of those wavy curvy mirrors. We both stand in front of it and lean back, both of our heads stretching to infinity. We both put our arms in the air and they become twice as long as our short stumpy bodies.

Me and fluff girl

He was drunk and I thought it was hilarious. So me and this dude go to the floors and dance a bit. We go into the Electro room and we dance with this girl who can shake her stuff. Bit of fluff chat and we part.

Head back upstairs to Graham. He tried to introduce me to random girls on the floor.. which I appreciated, but exactly do you say after when he introduces you as:s “HI GIRLS ! THIS IS JAMES !!” >>> Pan to James, who is madly dancing and waving ‘hello!’… I still don’t think dance floors are a premium medium to pick-up as such.

3am until 4am close
We headed downstairs and most of Graham’s crew chilled while me and G kept dancing in this small room. Graham says he comes out partying every month or so, and that he loved 2nite. I enjoyed it as well. After finishing up at 4, we parted our ways.

One of the great places for different variants of house music. Behaved crowd. Enjoyed it!


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