$30 Entry Fees have arrived

On June 27, 2010, in Clubbing Thoughts, by James Tran

I got an email today. It has finally happened – $30 Entry Fees!!! In the poster below, not only patrons are slapped with an expensive cover charge (assumed $25 on guestlist), but they have to dance at Space – hahaha. It was bound to happen eventually, but seriously, FUCKING HELL, I am still adjusting to $25 entry fees!! Seriously fucked up. The last high entry fee event was Kink @ Arthouse about 2 years ago – that was $35 but at least it was quality music.



Meanwhile, people up in the Gold Coast, Wollongong still enjoy $10 entry fees….. In Melbourne, the max is $20 as far as i know. FUCK Sydney sucks sometimes. I hope other promoters don’t up their prices as well thanks to this action. Otherwise, it is just fucked up.

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