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Electric Love Promotional Poster 1st May 2009

Electric Love Promotional Poster 1st May 2009

>> James Tran to Electriclove

I would like to rsvp for this fridays electric love event with the following names as well:
<my list of names>

thank you. can i also ask what dress code is?

Kind Regards,

>> Electric to me

Hey James,

Dress code is smart,

Trademark have a reputation for being tight on the door, collared shirt/dress shoe’s etc,

You/your friends have been placed on the General RSVP list for free entry before 11pm,
Hope to see you there

>> James to Electric
thank you for the info. just confirming its 11pm not 12am as stated in the promo poster? what is the price thereafter?

>> Electric to me

Hi James,

Apologies – it is free before midnight and $12 thereafter. Please be sure to advise your guests to mention your name at the door as it will be marked as part of the competition.

Thanks and good luck man

>> James to Electric


I used the information below to dress exceptionally well as well as with my friends, but on arrival (around 11.20pm)  could not get in.

I was first asked if I had a guestlist. I did confirm my name, but my name was not found. No guestlist under my name was there either. After this first hurdle, was then told that there was a private event on and that we weren’t allowed in – this begs the question – why did she not say this in the first place? Less than a few minutes later we observed a group of other men enter the club, without the girl questioning them. however i don’t know if they had previously entered the club with a stamp or what not. In any case I wasn’t happy

In any case, please fix up the guestlisting system, as we wasted our night.

Thank you.


no reply.

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