Fame @ Arthouse : Saturday 7th November 2009

On November 7, 2009, in Arthouse Hotel, RnB, by James Tran

I’m here for a second birthday tonight (the 1st birthday earlier was at E11even nightclub) and I’ve been itching to check this place out, so here we go!

In the crowd at Arthouse

In the crowd at Arthouse

Fame @ Arthouse Hotel

Assessment Time: 1am – 4am
Website: http://www.urbanagent.com.au
Address: 275 Pitt St (Next to Hilton Hotel)
Dress Code: Casual. My pirate shirt was ok. I snuck the hat in separately then put it on after I got inside.
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20 or $25
Guestlist: Send to aj@urbanagent.com.au, for $5 off before 11:30. Free before 10:30, but fat chance that you will be the lucky 6 or 7 people to get in.
Inside: Promoted as House and RnB, but only one room was open tonight, the RnB room. False advertising by the promoters!!! FALSE! Girls at the cashier  claimed that the owners of Arthouse would not allow the house room to be open tonight.
Bar: One bar. Wait time around 5 minutes when we got in.
DJ: Typical RnB DJs playing tonight.
Music: RnB. No house/electro.
Crowd: Dominantly Asian. Young.
Entertainment: MC to keep the crowd going.
Atmosphere: Pretty busy, with just enough space to dance.

Fame @ Arthouse - 1am

Fame @ Arthouse - 1am

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Tonight I’m here for a birthday. Birthday girl has chosen Boutique, which this year renamed itself to E11even due to a nightclub in Melbourne also being called Boutique. (Might check it out next time I’m there). Regardless, Here we go!

Saturdays @ Eleven (E11even – Formerly Boutique/Goodbar)

Assessment Time: 11:20pm – 1:00am

Website: http://www.elevennightclub.com.au/

Address: 11a Oxford St, Paddington, Sydney

Dress Code: Casual ok. I wore my pirate outfit. Instead of outright rejecting us, the bouncer had the courtesy to ask the head promoter/manager to see if we were allowed in. Of course, we were on our best behaviour and we were allowed in. Now that’s good service!

Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $10 I think on guestlist.

Guestlist: The birthday girl sorted it out for us, but I assume contact details are on the website.

Inside: The club website claims two levels, but tonight only one level was open. A medium sized dancefloor with a big bar in the middle, occupying about 30-40% of the entirefloor space. DJ at the front, lounges dotted around the sides. Dancing really only happens at the front, where you could hold maybe 30-50 people.

Cloak Room: None

Bar: Did not wait long for service. 1-2 mins, or the bar may be empty if you’re lucky.

Music: RnB and House. Typical commercial stuff you hear anywhere else on radio and from the Ministry of Sound CDs

Crowd: Mostly Euro crowd. The place was busy but at the same time the place was a bit small, so you only needed less people to fill it up.

Entertainment: No extra entertainment tonight.

Atmosphere: Not so good. I wasn’t feeling the vibe. There weren’t that many people, but it wasn’t completely dead. Having this place on the far end of oxford st, where no strangers would walk in did not help. However it didn’t have drunk crazy violent  people in here at least. On a special night it could have potential.

Post delay time: 4 weeks.

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The guy who kept wearing my hat

A lot of the guys like my hat, and they take turns wearing it. I have to keep my eye out on the hat but they are nice enough to give it back. there was this one guy though who just had to always grab my hat whenever we were in proximity. Funny… not really.

Man who kept wearing my jack sparrow pirate hat
Man who kept wearing my jack sparrow pirate hat

Girls who dance with us have boyfriends – what a waste of time

We start to dance with two girls, but after about 30 minutes we have progressed nowhere. Why. M is talking freely with his dance partner, and my dance partner.. well.. it is as though she has no vocal chords. She is not talking to me at all, but dancing and smiling. I may as well be talking with a freaking wall. One word answers, not interested in me.. why still dance. I just leave and dance with a fat chick instead… at least they have fun at clubs.

Photo with a mute girl.. I think she considers talking to a guy cheating on her BF
Photo with a mute girl.. I think she considers talking to a guy cheating on her BF

Yes of course, later M tells me that he found out they both had boyfriends. Thank god we did not buy them drinks.


We had to leave to attend to another party at Arthouse. Left around 1:00am


If you are having a large ass party with a hundred or so people, have it here, but on general nights, don’t come here, even if they have friendly staff.

Saturdays @ E11even – In consideration of its small sized dance floor- 4.5/10. Otherwise its just a nice place for a sit down drink and small boogie.

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