Here for a friend’s birthday … so here we go!


Flow @ World Square Pub
Assessment Time: Midnight – Closing (3.30ish am)
Address: 680 George St Sydney (Formerly Equilibrium)
Dress Code: Casual / Smart Casual. Girls wore dresses, and nmost guys wore nice shoes with collared shirts.
Door Policy: Tight on the female/male ratio. Bring girls with you if you are a guy wanting to get in. Many a man hath been rejected from Flow for being alone or by grouping with his fellow man. This in turn helps with atmosphere
Entry Fee / Cover Charge: $20 standard entry
Guestlist: See website
Inside: The Flow event is only held upstairs. It’s a small room for 200 or so people.
Cloak Room: None
Bar: $5 Gin and Tonics
DJ: Typical Asian RnB DJs on rotation
Music: RnB
Crowd: Entirely Asian.
Entertainment: MC, the occasional professional dancer on the podium.


A clubbing blog follower recognises me!
I declared in a previous post that I wasn’t going to wear my pirate outfit anymore when going out. Well tonight I was wearing it. A friend borrowed my outfit and had returned it to me, just before I stepped into the club.  So I thought, why not, let’s wear it again!

anyway someone stops me and says “You’re JAMES TRAN aren’t you!!”. Why, yes, I am. I don’t know who he is but he introduces himself as someone from Melbourne who emailed me for advice on Sydney clubs on Australia Day. Oh now I remember!

“James I thought you weren’t wearing the pirate outfit anymore!” he adds. I am totally busted – MY OWN READERS throwing back statements I made right back into my face! -____- arrrrrr…. I mentioned I would explain it all in the upcoming review. He is also planning to visit Pumphouse tomorrow night. I pretty much yelled at him not to go,  but he goes anyway! lol is my advice not even worth listening to? I know you’re reading this right now dude, and I really hope you learned your lesson!! That lesson being Pumphouse isn’t the best venue at all for a Saturday night RnB fix.
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