Sunday @ Mars Lounge (Queens Birthday Long Wekeend) 7th June 2009

A friends birthday.

Mars Lounge
Address: 16 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney
Inside: As you walk in, you are presented with a medium-large sized room. On the right is the DJ / dance area. Around the walls are lounges, and booths. In the back-middle is a bar encompassing about half the floor area. Closer to you is what resembles a long table, the length of the floor – its a dance table. To your left is a VIP area lounge. , following the ‘Mars’ theme? It’s got a classy feel to it. However patronage seemed a bit low. Most of the people here were for the party and not for a regular Sunday night out. Well, it was Sunday, and it was raining outside. Not many were out tonight in the city.
Crowd: European, but because my friend is Asian, there were loads of asians as well for the birthday. As the birthday boy put it “Im so glad I Asianfied this place!”. Crowd was young as well.
Music: Fusion of rnb and house
Entry Fee/Cover Charge: I was on the guestlist, so I got free entry. Normally – dunno.
Atmosphere: Ambient lighting and small venue made this place pretty cosy.

Quick Timeline

The dance table
Ok This huge black marble table thing was too tall to be a regular eating table. There were actually a set of stairs on one end. These guys were encouraging patrons to walk up the stairs and dance on this table. How dangerous! I suppose it worked out cause only the brave and able with a zest for dance would dare come up to dance. That definitely included me.

Here’s a video of Mars lounge from the entrance:
YouTube Preview Image

The birthday boy jumped up onto the railing above the table and held onto it, hoisting himself up periously. Security, ever so watching the table activity, quickly told him to get back down.

I was out of energy
I didn’t stay long, just more dancing, but I was honestly a little out of energy since We love sounds & Brooklyn Hotel the previous night. I wasn’t feeling it, even though the DJ had the rnb music 100% right – it was just one of those off nights for me.

Would like to check this place out again on a perhaps Saturday night or Friday to see how it is like then. It’s a nice little number.

Post clubbing Afterwards…

Star Bar – Lots of guys, place wasn’t packed but it was busy nonetheless.. but only on the floor.
Side Bar – Dead as. They locked people out at midnight.

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