“Destination?” at The Cross

On March 8, 2008, in Breaks, House, The Cross, by James Tran

About The Cross:
Address: 24 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross (Map), above the Bourbon
Website: http://www.thebourbon.com.au/planb/default.htm
Inside: A Main room and a side room + balcony. Tonight only the main room was open. The DJ booth is at the front, while cushion chairs line the walls surround the small dance floor. Looking up there are shoes hanging off the ceiling as well as those tube things one crawls through as a little child. I can’t explain it. It was nice.

About “Destination?”
Cover Charge
: $20, $15 on guestlist. Lollipop on entry.
Website: www.atmydestination.com/sydney
Crowd: Both young and old.. mostly white people. The future music festival was on earlier so there were a few people from there as well.
Atmosphere: A bit dead. Most people turned up at 2am for Miles Dyson then left at 4am.
Music: Breaks and Electro House
DJ List: Open – 12am Shamozzle / 12am – 2am fRew / 2am – 4am Miles Dyson (Main Act) / 4am – close Tone Def DJs

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