Just left pumphouse and I walked alllll the way here to meet up with my French friends. This is their default dance residence. Just a quick review for tonight since we’ve been here before:

Brooklyn Hotel Timeline
Music: Rnb, tribal house
Atmosphere: mixed natios.

It was Saturday, an as far as I remember it was packed when I got in. A good mix of guys and girls at the moment, but also a few blimps. Nothing wrong with that either.I had a wig on, and that pretty much got me grinding with 2 random girls within half a minute, which is pretty crazy.

Groping that worked -.-
The Frenchies look at me in amazement as I struggle to think about how on earth do I handle two attractive women in their 30’s grinding on each of my legs. LOL. So while I have these two women on my legs, I felt like I’d try something out – I reached out and just groped their butts at the same time – and I met no resistance!! LOL again. I was absolutely expecting some reaction from at least one of the girls – but nothing! That was when I was in trouble. Must be a cougar thing. I didn’t know what to do next. Do I keep groping? No. Should I go for the boobs? no, that’s inappropriate. I wanted a mentor right now! I realised one of them was married (she had the ring on) and so I really was just dance fodder. That’s a shame.

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